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Feeling Better.

In my last entry, I was feeling a little down. My energy was low. I feel better now. I’ve been running everyday, and nearly every one of those days involves being in the sunlight. Sunlight has been known to help bipolar depression, as well as exercise. I have been a little less irritable, and a… Continue reading Feeling Better.

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I’ve been feeling ‘blue’ lately. I’m having a hard time with my mate, a lot of the time, because I can’t stop wanting my way all the time, or ignoring problems, or generally acting irresponsible. I have bad anxiety and want to shut myself out from the world. It hasn’t turned into full blown despair,… Continue reading Lately…

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Running My Shoes Off

So my wonderful blue and yellow Under Armour shoes that I purchased last May finally died. I probably put about 5,000 miles on them. They were very lightweight and comfortable. And never hurt my foot even once. And now they do. That is how I could tell they were on their way out. Now I… Continue reading Running My Shoes Off

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Oh, Utah.

Utah drivers are the worst. THE WORST. I remember reading a statistical poll that concluded Idaho had the worst drivers. I agree that Idaho drives like morons, it is true – however, I think Utah needed to be #1 on the list for bad driving. When I moved here, I was appalled. Coming from WA… Continue reading Oh, Utah.

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March – No More Madness

So it is March. Already. Wow… time flies. I went crazy there for a while. I went depressed a few weeks ago, which turned into a mixed bipolar episode into mania after starting a new anti-depressant which triggered it. Now I am feeling like I am headed toward stability. I look back on the past… Continue reading March – No More Madness

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It’s all Relative

So. I’ve been trying to ‘hang in there’ after my mom’s death, and at first I think I was doing ok. I went through a few stages of greif, like they say you do. Anger and sadness so far. But now there’s a 6th stage that I really don’t like. It is called Extreme Anxiety.… Continue reading It’s all Relative