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Ah, yes. It is November. That means in a bit less than 2 months I will be posting the Top 10 Psytrance and Top 10 Psychill albums of 2015.

2014 was a year of BUST. It was difficult finding good music. 2015 was a no-brainer. It was difficult narrowing things down! I made a preliminary list, containing (teaser alert) Saltaux, Proxeeus, Gaddy, Unusual Cosmic Process, and more. Of course, that preliminary list has about 16 entries. I will need to pair down to 10. This means I have to finish listening to the other 30 albums that I haven’t heard yet from this year that I received.

This year I may add a Top 10 Ambient releases list, as well as a Top 10 Various Artists Compilation. We will see how that goes.

As per the previous entry, I have submitted a track for a Various Artists compilation. Actually I submitted 2 tracks. I am not sure which will be used. Will have to wait and see.

Various Artists

Last winter, I was proud to have been included in a Various Artists compilation from psyreactor. I am once again submitting some of my work from the Antarctica album for consideration. Here is the album from winter 2013/2014, available for free download Here.

Final Front

2.Biosynthesis-Sadness Madness
5.Pranasonocs&Shift2penta-Falling Leaves
6.Oberon-All I Ever Wanted
8.Shift2penta-Deep Talk

Has Goa Trance Gone The way of the Dodo?

Over half the people that view this page will not know what Goa Trance is. In order to preface my writings here, I’ll start with a quote from wikipedia about what Goa trance is:

“The original goal of the music was to assist the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms. As such, it has an energetic beat, often in a standard 4/4 dance rhythm. A typical track will generally build up to a much more energetic movement in the second half then taper off fairly quickly toward the end. The tempo typically lies in the 130–150 BPM range, although some tracks may have a tempo as low as 110 or as high as 160 BPM. Generally 8–12 minutes long, Goa Trance tracks tend to focus on steadily building energy throughout, using changes in percussion patterns and more intricate and layered synth parts as the music progresses in order to build a hypnotic and intense feel.”

Here’s how it began.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s people in the underground were jammin’ to Acid house and trance. there was an after-wave of hippies who all eventually ended up in Goa, India. Goa is a resort area – white sandy beaches, lounges, good music, good people. beach parties were not uncommon, and soon DJ’s were ending up there as well. No one had any vinyl, though, or record players, so people dubbed samples and created a new form of Acid trance. The DJ’s would switch tapes between song because they didn’t have the equipment for a real live set, and people eventually ended up naming this new style ‘Goa Trance”.

This became a popular underground genre of trance music, especially among the aging hippy crowd and new-age fans. Mystics, shamanism, spirituality, these are all common themes as well as space travel, aliens, and anything ‘trippy’. Soon began the rise of Goa Trance. Its peak was around 1996. Artists such as Man With No Name, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Etnica, Astral Projection, and Out of Our Depth (OOOD) rose to the top of this genre, creating masterpieces of energy and pulsating rythmic beats and patterns. The music focused not on bass or beat, but more on melody and its acidic trippy factor. It was structured just like any other trance genre, with build-ups and break-downs.

Here is a sample of one of my all-time favorite tracks, Man With No Name’s “Teleport”:

Now, here is the problem I have. There is a Neo-Goa movement on the rise within the psychedelic trance community (which absorbed the Classic Goa trance sound and eventually became its own Monster). Now, ordinarily I welcome artistic improvement upon old classics, and find it refreshing. I still love the old-school, though, and usually can equally enjoy both lines of thinking. But this Neo-Goa movement doesn’t make music that sounds like Goa. Its all repetitive, just acid sounds with a strong beat, relying heavily on bass now, driven by no melody over the top. Here is an example of one of today’s artists, Trinodia’s “Nashira”:

Do you notice the difference? No exciting build-ups and break-downs, no melody over the top of the acid lines, more bass and focus on beat, and very repetitive. Goa Trance used to be EXCITING, and you couldn’t wait for ‘that one part’ of the track. Now, it all sounds the same.

A favorite of the old-school:

Astral Projection – ‘Kabalah’

And now, Crossing Mind’s ‘Hydophobic visions’:

An obvious difference. Not bad just DIFFERENT. I can’t call this Goa. Neo-goa is a term people are using and it almost fits the bill, except ‘neo’ sounds like a resurrection term to me, not a completely different sound. Build upon, don’t strip away.

No offense to any of these new brilliant artists. I still listen to your music and appreciate your sounds. I just don’t think it sounds like the old Goa, and I miss the old Goa.

Oh well. there will always be the classics to jam out to.

Things and Stuff

I hate not writing in here. Seems like a waste, or like I am neglecting something.I feel the need to write, even if I can’t think of a damn thing to say.

Well I will try here. Been going for walks and runs in the morning at this cool park that has trails following a river. I’ve been burning a lot of calories and logging my food and stuff at the fitbit website. I weighed myself and lost even more. I am getting there! Gotta keep on pushin’.

Work is interesting. As an accessioner in a lab working with specimens, it can be quite challenging. I think I am catching on, bit by bit, but it is not an easy job, I’ll put it that way. I have to come in earlier now in order to remail a full-time employee because I work until “close” which could be midnight, or 2am. So I am going to ask if I have to come in early, can I stay until 12:30 firmly, and if there are no closing duties that I know how to do, just shadow someone for a while. I need those hours to keep my vacation time, etc.

We finally got a desk so we organized everything, yay! Typing from it right now in fact.

Man, I wish there was more to say. What can I say? I got an invite for Windows 10 so I will download it for free when it comes out — that should be cool… Hmm what else is going on .. jeez, nothing I guess. Time to go.

We finally got a de

I Live In Utah! Part 2

So I have been living here in Salt Lake City for about a month now. Even have my drivers license coming in a few weeks. I like keeping my WA plates on my car, though. I hope to keep them at least another month or two. So yes people still drive like maniacs here but I am getting used to it. I don’t drive that way — I still drive in a respectful and lawful manner, but at least I know what to expect from everyone else.

Work has been kind of stressful for me. I felt discouraged a few times which has made me really really anxious. I don’t want the pressure to make me crumble.  So I am doing various relaxing techniques to help me feel better. Its not an easy job and I do not feel that I am learning at the rate they hoped I would be.

We have gone to the capitol building on a nice walk, and climbed up high to see the whole city and mountains. We discovered that Sundays are the best day to bicycle downtown because everything is closed (!!! what the heck?) so there’s not much traffic.

Yesterday (Memorial day) we were off from work an had an amazing walk in the morning. We went downtown pretty far (4 miles round trip) and had coffee at our favorite coffee shop (so far) that we found one day whilst driving around. It was a very nice walk and the weather was nice.

I hereby declare that my past request for clouds become null and void, and that I would like blue sky and a medium temperature, such as 60 – 70 F. That would be perfect. I’d like it for walks and for my birthday, as well, which is coming up a little over a month from now. We plan on going to Antelope Island, this cool island park on the Great Salt Lake.

So far we like it here, there is lots to discover and a lot to see. We want to see the Sounders play RSL, we want to go to Jazz games and maybe a symphony… there’s lots to do. Brandi Carlile comes to play soon as well. We’ll be there!


So I predict fun times ahead. So, Mr. Weather, bring me some clear blue sky. Thanks!



I live in Utah now.

I just keep repeating that sentence to myself. I live in Utah now. I live in Utah now. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK I live in Utah now?! It is starting to set in.

My mate, after moving and unpacking for a few days, flew back to WA to clean the old apartment up there, and to house sit for the Doctor one last time (or not, depending if she can fly her up to do it again sometime). I am alone, in a new city. I have a job I am starting to get ahold of. It is pretty complicated, but I am working on it.

My mate originally was going to work with me, too, and was legit hired by my company. Then was told a few weeks later sorry, we found someone else for the spot. What the hell? What company just re-nigs on their offer? So not cool. So that made me upset. My mate upset, too.

The TV of course stopped working. I am purchasing a new one from craigslist, and I have a brand new universal remote coming thursday, so that should be pretty cool.

Anyway back to the issue at hand: Utah.

Salt Lake City (where I now live… whoa!) is #7 smoggiest city in the country. You can tell, too. Its a big hazy out there. So not great air quality. We have some things in our apartment that need addressed, but the manager doesn’t really ever get back to you about anything, and when he does, its about at least 2 days later. And he doesn’t live on-site so its hard to reach him.

The drivers are so crazy here! they picked up every bad habit from all the states where they drive like idiots. The peed limits are so high though, its no wonder they speed. I mean 70mph through the city?? 65 in the suburbs? Wow! Who was on crack making these limits? My car naturally wants to do 60 through the city, because thats what feels safer, but people will either smash into you or honk if you go that slow. Its insane here, really.

Our apartment is pretty cool. Its bigger than the last place in WA. Its got a laundry room with washer & dryer hookups. Big kitchen with lots of storage… lots of storage everywhere, in fact. Its nice. Less cramped feeling now!

I have only been here a week so I still have the “I miss Washington” jitters, but after a while I am sure I will settle in nicely. And I am proud of myself. Tonight on the way home (I work 7pm – 1am) I took the wrong exit but automatically knew how to get home. And it worked. I’m catching on!


Rent is more expensive here though so I have to be more careful with money. Only eat food at home. Don’t spend money unless it is on practical things that we need, etc. I am using light only when I need it, and using about 3-4 minute showers (we have electricity for everything except hot water — that is gas for some reason).

Anyway, thats about it for now. I’ll update as time goes on and we adjust more to the place. So far I like it. I miss the clouds though!


Oh, and its weird… I’ve encountered 3 or 4 people just in 1 week who used to live in WA. How odd!


Salt Lake City Skyline, Utah

Not Sure How To Cleanse A Stone

So I have this stone that my mate’s parents got me from Montana (I think, or maybe South Dakota?) and it is very pretty. It stands for helping with anxiety, meditation, and calm. I think I’ve identified it as sodalite. But I’m not sure how to properly cleanse it. I’ve worn it a few times already, but havent “made it mine” you know. I need its energy to match my own so it can help me.



Does anyone reading this have any good ideas? (practical and easy)? I don’t have a stream nearbye, or a pyramid, or smuding abilities. I may be able to put it in a cup of water and set it out under the moon and sun for 24 hours withle setting my intentions to it, etc. Anything else that might be easy?


So I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test. I’d taken it before, and got INFP. I got it again. I am Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. This is all true. Wikipedia says:


“INFPs are driven by a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to exercise their creativity, even if only behind the scenes. Their weaknesses may include sensitivity to criticism, poor organization, and low assertiveness[citation needed]. Keirsey referred to the INFPs as Healers, one of the four types belonging to the temperament he called theIdealists.[2] INFPs are one of the rarer types, accounting for about 4% of the population.[


Only 4%? Wow, I am in a small bracket. I wonder why?


Its hard to come up with a snapshot on my own of my personality. When I think about myself, without the help of an outside test, here is what I come up with: Nervous, poor impulse control, no common sense, impractical, day-dreamer, fanciful, fun, indecisive, selfish, loner, creative, critical but friendly, introverted (most times, other times not, but that’s mostly due to where I am in my bipolar episode spectrum). Some of this seems to be true with INFP, but I think the decription of myself might be self-critical, and a little harsh.

My mate is ISTJ and it says we are complete opposites and are least likely to get along. That is funny. Although… opposites attract, right? If we had kids together (not possible.. heh… well maybe, in some states) she’d be the disiplinarian and the organized one that ‘keeps the household together’ and I’d be the fun, easy-going emotional/sensitive parent.

I think mine is pretty accurate. Let’s have some comments: what are you?


AIMP 3 (And the Media Player Dilemma)

So. I have used Winamp since the year 1999 (I think) to listen to mp3’s that I’d downloaded from such sites as audiosatellite and limewire. Remember those? Over the years Winamp has developed into a more robust media player. It can play videos of all sorts, music files of all types, rip music, even sync your iPod (I had trouble with that part though). The best part, is that through those years, they developed awesome skins. I hope you all know what a skin is. Its a ‘theme’ for your player, to make it look different than the default.

I got a little skin-crazy and downloaded recently, about 25 different ones. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, or what color scheme I wanted. Too many choices. I found foobar2000, another audio music player that had some amazing skins that were customizable. Here is what I needed! I downloaded it and found the default player to be extremely boring, so I downloaded a skin called Spotifoo, which made it look awesome.



It had everything I had ever wanted in a player. It was robust and amazing to look at. What was I thinking when I got bored again and decided to switch skins? Somehow it wasn’t as easy this time around. You have to download and un-rar the files. Then  insert this file into this folder, that file into that folder, create this folder and put this in there and that in that, etc.. so confusing. Each skin gave different directions. I messed it up. Uninstall. Re-install. Uninstall again. Finally, frustrated, I went back to Winamp.

Now.. the problem here is that Winamp is great, but when it comes to looking at it, all the cPro skins just didn’t have enough room for customization that I would have liked. They were all pretty much the same layout with a few cosmetic differences. I wanted something really awesome to look at, and something more robust and amazing. Enter AIMP3:


Not only are all the skins totally different with some crazy options (mine that I currently use is in the above picture)… they also claim to have the best audio, and DSP built in. And its true, my music sounds amazing in this player!! I think I am finally happy.

Oh and one more thing. On another note… I love music. I love it. I would listen all the time if I could. BUT: I am not one of those stupid nerdy or pretentious FLAC people. I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if it is “lossless”. The human damn ear can’t tell the difference, did you know? My mate is an aspiring audiologist, and its true. This FLAC trend is absolute nonsense. Some people say they can hear the difference. These people are saying they can hear frequencies that dogs can hear. Give me a break, people.

Ok, stepping off the soap box.

The End.

Sale Lake City!

Weds February 25 me and my mate left on an 18 hour bus ride to Sale Lake City, Utah for her interview at University of Utah. We arrived at 6am-ish and walked to our hotel where we showered and took a little nap before heading to the Cheesecake factory. Now: side note. Spokane does not have a Cheesecake Factory. We are deprived. Seattle has one. So we decided to eat there, and only there. Get our fill, before we left.

We encountered a very beautiful mall (City Creek mall I think) and it was pretty awesome. Every store you could think of (except Rue21, where I get my jeans.. boo hiss). So nice. A creek running through it with fish, little bridges over it, and trees lit up in little white lights. Beautiful rocks/stone walls.

We had dinner and went back to our motel that had a small TV and NO cable. They had 5 channels that were all fuzzy. Good grief. Anyway — so the next day: the big Interview!! I dropped Laurel off around 10 and she went in at 10:45. She was done by 4 when I had already left to get her. She said it went pretty well and the program seemed exciting. I am hopeful for this!! I drove around campus, it is confusing but we’ll get the hang of it. I went to the grocery store and picked up a city guide. I read about the city a little. I took some selfies and put them on Facebook. I did a few other things while she was gone, too. Such as taking this picture of a Halloween haunted house:


The next day we had to leave at midnight. We went to the Hogle zoo at first and were amazed that on a Saturday there were hardly ANY people there!! It was nice. Cold & windy but nice. I got to see my Polar Bear which is my favorite animal. We saw so many other cool animals and they had a ton of turtles, which we also love. We then were hungry, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory (as well as the previous night for dinner) and then to the Planetarium which was pretty cool. We didn’t see a show (we were tired and knew we’d fall asleep) but next time we’re there we will. We walked around the mall by the Planetarium and it was also very nice.

Later on we drove the rental car back to the airport and took the Trax (light rail) to the Arena are (where the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team plays) and then headed to the Greyhound station.

We sat for 2 hours before boarding, and then had a 14 hour bus ride through Idaho (what a boring looking state, for the most part!!). Finally home. We missed our kitties so much. And got some good sleep. It’ll be hard to integrate out of vacation mode and into life as we know it. But we made an important decision:

If she doesn’t get accepted (which she will) we will move there anyway. We LOVEd it. The transportation system was amazing, the area is so clean, there’s a huge lack of homelessness and cigarette smoking (the #1 state for the most people who do not smoke!). The city was fun to drive around in, the people (6 out of 10 are mormon) are very friendly and nice, and we just had an amazing time. It is surrounded by mountains. We’re almost IN the mountains. The ski areas are 45 minutes away.

Salt Lake City Skyline, Utah

I thought we’d be inundated by mormon this, mormon that. But it was not really IN YOUR FACE very much. It was subtle, and it actually seems that it makes the people friendlier. I’m down with that. its not a very liberal or democratic state but that’s ok, I will be the lone wolf. I am here in Spokane, too, so might as well. I did however, see a “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker (I have a decal much the same on my car) which made me smile.

We had a great time and decided in May we will be there. I might possibly get a lab job through my current employer as they have a joint-venture with a lab company down there too. We’ll see. There are areas with decent rent, not too far off from what we have now that are reasonable. We just need our cats, and a washer & dryer would be lovely.

I discovered that the Utes (University of Utah’s teams) are awesome and the stadium is cool. I want to go to all the football games, and see their world-class gymnastics, and their basketball. I’ll go to the Utah Jazz games. I’ll be a Seahawks and Broncos fan. Seahawks were apparently popular there, they had sold out of all their Hawks beanies in one store we went to. But they did have Sherman and Wilson jersies. Too large for me, though. I did get some shirts at American Eagle, and a Utes hat & t-shirt at Walmart.

Great city. Can’t wait to be there.

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