First Blog Post.

I got the idea to start a blog because my mate has one, and she loves it. She’s good at writing in it everyday. I think I need one, too, to get all my crazy thoughts out of my head and into the world. So, this will be my ‘world’ and I will share things.


First off let me introduce myself. My name is Kidron. I am 34, gemini, (born in June of 79) an INFP, and I work in the billing department for a medical laboratory. I am in love with music… I listen to all types but mostly psytrance and psychill. I’m also a big Dave Matthews Band fan, and I love Minus The Bear and Tool as well. I dabble in making psychill/downtempo electronic music, as well, and maybe I’ll share some of my music here in my blog.

I am obsessed with boats. There is just something so peaceful about being out on the water, hearing the waves lap at the shore, the seals barking, the marina bells dinging, a distant foghorn. I used to have this vision of myself traveling up the shore from Seattle to Alaska. I live inland now, though, so a boat would be useless unless I went out on a lake. Lakes and rivers just aren’t as special to me, but I do love kayaking on them.

My mate and I share an apartment with 2 awesome kitties. The tiny, petite female is Choco-Luv, and the larger, chubbier, fluffier guy is Ghandi Gus, but everyone calls him Goose because he is a silly goose.

My mate goes to school. She is going to become an Audiologist. We want to move to Colorado in a year or two. So I am getting into all things Colorado. Seems like a really awesome place.

My favorite month is october – and my favorite time of year is Autumn. I love going to this place called GreenBluff, where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables during the harvest season and other times of year.

I love movies. Sci-fi, adventure, horror, documentaries, thrillers, drama, comedy, everything but foreign I guess. I also really love books. Me and my mate have a ‘library’ in the living room filled with books. Some we haven’t even read yet but have had for a long time. Thats the cool thing about books… you can never have too many.

Well that is me in a tiny nutshell. Wait, no there’s more. I am bipolar and am a lesbian. THERE. Thats all of the nutshell, I think.



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