I Cook Stuff Too

I also enjoy cooking from time to time. Lately, this means all of the time. For instance, I just got done preparing a crockpot rendition of ‘black and white chicken chili’ that actually looks more black than white, as a surprise for my darling mate who returns from work in an hour.

I’ve also recently made pumpkin soup, pear crisp, and peanut butter caramel dip for all of the apples and pears that we hand-plucked out of trees at Greenbluff. I believe I already mentioned Greenbluff. But I didn’t go into specifics, did I?

It is this network for farms that banded together to form a coalition on this little hill, or bluff, about 20 minuts north of the city. They made a map – you can go from #1 to #30 I think. I may be wrong about the numbers. Anyway, each farm has different items for sale or pick, and a lot of them have their own little country stores and such.

This is the website we usually look at to figure out where to go: http://www.greenbluffgrowers.com/fresh_on_the_bluff.html

And.. here is their facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Bluff-Direct-Marketing-Association/Anyway I apologize that my blog is not yet fancy. I haven’t seen my mate since I created this thing last night, and she is the one that will help show me the ropes.

I suppose an awesome picture of food would be really good to include in a blog post. Ok, I’ll think about it.


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