I’m In Trouble.. or Am I?

A few interesting things have winked their way across my path today. The first was a health-fair today that i went to with my mate at her school, Washington State U. I had a health screening done and the values were, lets say, interesting. First, each student nurse disclaimered their results with “I am just a student, and we have a margin of error, but if you’re concerned, see your doctor.” So my blood pressure has come down since July from hypertension stage I to “free and clear and good and wonderful.” YAY! Stopping that horrendous birth control was the best idea ever. I used it for acne and my face STILL hasn’t (knock on wood) broken out since I stopped taking it in August.

My BMI is in the ‘overweight’ catagory, which I already knew. My HEIGHT has changed which was.. weird.. I am now 5’2″ and 1/4. Where did the other 3/4 go? I used to be nearly exactly 5 feet and 3 inches, at like, everywhere that ever took height. Hmm. My lipids were good, 173 which is under the 200 range. My blood glucose was 149 and 140 or under is the normal range. I had just eaten within 2 hours, though, so that was a factor. My mate scored “28” in this catagory, which suggests she hasn’t eaten in a month. We know that’s not true, she had a scramble with me this morning, and a little peice of beer bread & artichoke dip that I made today!

Overall this wasn’t too distracting but I had to do a double take when they said I weighed 162. I had taken my heavy shoes off, but I had a hoody, a button-down, a pair of (awesome) courderoys on, boxer briefs (hey they are comfy, I don’t care that they’re for men) and socks on. But still, 162??? 18 days earlier I’d weighed 147.


I went home and weighed myself on the trusty Wii… (wii fit, that is! Yay me score points for being cool) and I had gained.. omg omg omg.. 1.4 lbs. And i weigh 148. So hmmm… who are these people at the health fair again? I forgot.


My  mate will be home very soon from her class, and then we shall have beer bread and artichoke dip before I have to roll down the stairs and into my car for work, so I’d better go.


But get ready for my next blog entry: Traffic school and my speeding ticket. It’ll be a blast.


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