Speed Limit? What’s That?

So last August my grandmother died. I work from 4-12pm, so after work on a thursday night I drove all the way to Tacoma, which is a 5 or 6 hour ride, from Spokane. For some reason my aunt had set up the funeral to be on a Friday. F****.

So at approximately 3am I am driving through the dark, forested curves of the Cascade Mountain Range on I-90 doing 70mph, as was posted on the signs. Then the variable speed signs kicked in, telling me to go 60mph. Cool. I slowed down. I was now nearing Snoqualmie Pass, and I didn’t like going 70 through there anyway.

But all of a sudden I turn a corner and there is nighttime construction! I thought, oh no, 60 is too fast for construction, so I will slow down. So I slowed down to about 25 mph, which I think is standard for construction. TOO LATE. Mr. WASP (That’s Washington State Patrol for all you non-Washingtonians) had already seen me do 60mph through the beginning part of the construction zone – the part before I was able to get my car down to reasonable speed. He didn’t care that my honest effort was made to immediately slow down. I was served a $333.00 ticket. Holy jesus. That’s nearly the amount I pay for rent, and more than I pay for the damn car that couldn’t (obviously) get its shit together to slow down earlier than it did.

So that was that. But the court gave me an option to write and send my statement instead of show up to court (I wanted a mitigation, to lower that from $333 to something else.. I am not made of money). So I wrote the explanation and story of why I was going 60 in a (apparently) 40mph zone.
It is the same story I told you above, because thats the real deal.

I sent this last monday, in the mail, for a 200 miloe journey, and got their response TODAY, already. They must be super bored in that tiny little court where nothing happens, there in the mountains. Anyway…

They said they’d defer my ticket and the crime itself for 12 months IF… and only IF…

I pay a $250.00 ‘administrative’ fee ($86 less than the actual ticket itself) and.. get this.. take a driving ourse. I shit you not.

I can do it online, they say. I surfed around at the rates. It goes from anywhere from $20 to $50 to take a driving course online that then gets submitted to the court. Wow.

I’ve had some speeding tickets before, but this is… wow.

I hadn’t had a moving infraction in 10 years, so that is probably why this offer was given to me. So I’d be paying, in essence, $300-ish dollars to get rid of a ticket that consists roughly of $300-ish dollars. The only thing that makes this deal worth it, is that they then REMOVE it from my record after 12 months if I don’t do any other bad things, driving or no driving.

Deal, I’m in. I am a good driver, says most people (not my mate, she has a high paranoia potential, and therefore thinks I am doing things just a few seconds before I could actually end up really doing them).

So this will be interesting…


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