More about the Top 10 of 2013.

Someone close to me thought I should be more specific and go in-depth about our top 10’s of 2013 as far as music goes. Also, someone said pictures do better in blogs than blogs without pictures. So I will find the most random pictures and put them in this post, to show my support for that statement.

Raccoon Photographer

Anyway, ok so the top 10 albums of 2013. Obviously as I stated before I am handling the snob side of the deal. Psychill and Psytrance. To my mate this is pure snobbery, because these are the only 2 genres I really listen to. Oh sure I listen to a lot of Dave Matthews Band and Minus The Bear, but I can’t really call them music I “mostly listen to” otherwise my collection of 311 hours of psytrance and 305 hours of psychill go to waste. Wait, is that all? I thought I had more than that. Hmm..



So here is how it works. On my end of things, I write down all the artists in the 2 aforementioned genres that had albums that came out in 2013. I then start listening to them at random. All willy-nilly, and such. And then I decide what I like, and put it into a group:” Yes.” Or “Maybe” or “no way in hades”. Then I listen more to the maybe group and put them into “Yes.” or a new group “Nah”. Then I listen to “Yes” a million times to decide which are top 10 material.


Now, my mate’s top 10 will be presented here:  on December 31, or maybe January 1, depending on how she decides to do things. Her method is way more intense. I don’t think I could do what she does. Not with her type of music anyway. She listens to *everything*. I mean, rock, pop, country, jazzy, punk, and everything in between. She is amazing. Anyway.

She first listens to artists from the beginning of the year to the end, and removes songs from her playlist that she does not like. Then when she gets to the very end, she will count how many songs on each album are still on her playlist, and whichever the top albums are with songs she didn’t hate and remove, then those go on the list. then things get tricky from there, and she has to figure out which is the best from 1-10.


So you see, when we both come out with our top 10 lists, they will be phenomenal music that you will need to check out and enjoy because a lot of work went into determining the best of the best.

Wish us luck, we’re going to need it!

Polar bear 01

Did you enjoy the pictures? Let me know. if so, I may just add pictures of my entries (that are actually relevant to the writing this time).



P.S. Should I also do a worst of 2013 top 10?? Who would love it? Tell me!


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