Yes you had this one coming. I don’t know what it is about the internet, but even if you hate cats and you’re a dog lover, I gaurantee you look at cat pictures on the internet – or at least see them all the time. Cats are amazing creatures and I am overjoyed to have them in my life. When I was little, living in my dad’s mobile home (I’d never heard them called “trailers” until I was nearly an adult) we had stray kitties that adopted us and then suddenly, one day I just got sick of being scratched or bitten. So I became a dog person. But when I turned 20 I asked my mom for a cat as a birthday present. I wanted to try one more time with a cat.

So my mother took me to the Humane Society in Puyallup. I wanted an adult cat who was lazy and cuddly. I looked around at each kitty, getting to know their name and history. But at the end of the row, suddenly there was a loud ruckus. A kitten had her paw out of the cage, batting back and forth maniacally, and meowing with ferocity. I went over to have a look. This little kitten with an adorable little face wanted to adopt me so bad. I couldn’t help but melt. I didn’t really want a kitten, I knew they were crazy, and I also new the kittens would get adopted so easily but the poor adults would need homes even more. But something about this kitten just drew me in. So before I knew it, she was mine. Or, rather, I was hers in actuality.

For the next 14 years that cat, Joey, was my daughter. I loved her like a baby. We had games we played, we would snuggle, and sometimes I’d just watch her be funny. Around 6 years of age she developed a neurological disorder that made her twitchy and the use of her back legs was difficult so she’d fall over a lot. The vets said she was fine and it didn’t hurt, but that it wouldn’t get any better. I felt bad but I got used to it and it was endearing. In 2010 my mate called her “Sloppy Joe” and it stuck. Everyone called her that (ecept me, she was just always Joey to me). It was a cute name that fit pretty well, and she liked being called Sloppy Joe, I am pretty sure.

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe

Last May, she developed a pretty bad bladder infection. She had problems going potty one weekend so we decided to take her in to the vet where my mate works as a tech. Joey had been sedated by pain meds so we thought her absolute sedation and laziness was due to the medication, but as it turns out, she just didn’t want to move. She slept over at the hospital for the night and when I called the Dr. in the morning she told me some bad news. She had congestive heart failure, and was in the oxygen tank. They’d some lasics and removed some fluid from the lungs but it didn’t help.

It was May 9, 2013: We came right away. Joey couldn’t breathe. We only took her out of oxygen minimally. She was struggling. The Dr said her chances were low because the bladder infection spread to her kidneys and she needed fluid to flush it out. But they couldn’t give her fluid because it would go to her lungs and fill up even more. We could take her to emergency but there was a chance she wouldn’t make it and I didn’t want her to die in a cage, all alone somewhere.

So I made the decision. It was the HARDEST decision I ever had to make. I was beyond devastated. I was a complete and total mess. Still to this day I bust out in tears thinking about it. Right now, in fact. Excuse me, for a moment.

In late April I had scheduled a birthday present appointment. It was for a tattoo on my leg, stretching over a bad tattoo as a coverup on my akle, and down to my foot: A tree. My mate was going to give the gift of a beautiful tree. They day we went down to do it in late May, she had the idea to have it look like someone etched the name “Joey” into the trunk of the tree.

Joey memorial tree

Joey memorial tree


May 25, 2013 was memorial day. My mate already had one of her cats here with us in the apartment, but her other cat (we could only have 2 cats in this apartment, one was Joey and one was my mate’s cat Choco-Luv) Goose, lived with her parents in Nevada. They liked Goose but he was misbehaving so they wanted us to take him. So we met her parents in Boise, ID that weekend to get him. As soon as we brought him back we kept him in a giant kennel for a while to get used to the apartment. it took him almost no time to get used to me and being back with his sissy, Choco-Luv. He adjusted quickly and very well, and has been a great addition to the family. He doesn’t replace my Joey of course but he is loved very much by me, and Choco-Luv, well she is my best friend.


This is a picture of her doing “left” – she lies down with her left leg out, just chillin. Sometimes she will go into zen mode with her tongue hanging out. Choco-Luv and I have games we play, too. We do a lot of “ups”. This is where you put your hand in a ‘pinching’ position or like you’re sprinkling pepper onto your dinner with your fingers, 6 inches above a cat’s head, and 9 out of 10 cats will just up and rub your fingers. Naturally. I don’t know why they do it, but I take advantage of it, and turn it into a cute thing we do. She didn’t naturally do ups until I showed her how, and neither did Goose, but he does them now too.



Goose’s real name is Ghandi-Gus. He was so named because in college my mate had a cat named Buddha-Bob. So when she got this little guy she named him in accordance to the pattern. But he is incredibly silly that everyone calls him Ghandi Goose, or just Goose for short. He is a funny guy. His Grampy taught him how to cook, so whenever you’re in the kitchen, he follows you in there and talks to you while you cook, making sure you do it right, and telling you when you don’t. He also loves to sniff everything you cook with. He likes to be involved.

He also willf ollow you into the bathroom and wants you to pet him while you do your thing. He ‘kisses you with his teeth’ by rubbing his face on your hand, but his little saber tooth rubs too. It is funny. He and Choco-Luv play together which is adorable, but the cutest thing is when they decide to groom each other. Awwwww. Big brother and little sissy.

If you get mad at goose he will flop onto his back and in turn, it makes you want to rub his tummy, Therefore, you cannot be mad at him anylonger. One time a week or so ago he did the most perfect flop. It started as an ‘upside down head’ (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll know it when you see it) and then his body just kept spiraling along with his head and he did a perfect flop. It was amazing and I wish I’d gotten it on camera. The buddy wins a gold medal for that one.

Choco-Luv enjoys climbing the back of the couch (really a garden love seat) which is half an inch wide, and walking around the back of it rubbing her tail (“tay” in cat talk) and rubbing her ani (anus) all over your hair. She thinks its funny, but none of the humans do.

We love them.


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