Boost Mobile is the awesome.

Ok So I switched 2 years ago from AT&T to Boost Mobile, which piggybacks off the Sprint network. I started at $50 but every 6 payments you make on time you go down $5 unless you’re an Android customer then its $45 a month. But that $45 a month is NO CONTRACT, purchase any phone you want at any time, unlimited calls, texts, and data! Why wouldn’t you want this? I keep trying to get one of my buddies to switch from Virgin but he won’t, even though he hates them and hates his phone.


Anyway, if I refer you, I get $25. And so do you if you sign up. So at least check out their website to learn more. I love Boost. My mate has Boost too although she never uses her phone much…



One thought on “Boost Mobile is the awesome.

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