I made these on my phone. I took ordinary boring shots of the sky or whatever, stars, etc.. and super imposed planets, stars, and comets and suns and stuff. I think they look awesome, and I want to use one for an upcoming EP album cover.


Please comment and tell me which one I should use! Which do you like the best? Let me know!

Alignment Friends Nebula New Galaxy Planet Saturn Planet Begins Red Solstice Twins Two Earths


2 thoughts on “

  1. Just wondering, would it be alright to use planetbegins.jpg as a cover for the goa mix you sent me? I really like the image and think it would be a fitting accompaniment.

    (I know you sent me a cover already, but I like this one more. Nyah. :))

    Also, I think alignment.jpg would make a good cover for an EP.

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