Symptoms of Depression

So… I am bipolar and had been manic all summer. But lately I have been lethargic, tired, bored, irritable, and anxious, so I copied and pasted the following from my old journal to remind me of what happens, and now that I am cognizant of what may be starting to happen, I can reverse it and change, hopefully.

List what my mood is like when my depressive episodes first begin:
– Negative/Pessimistic
– Hopeless
– Irritable/short tempered/annoyed
– Inactive/lethargic
– Bored
– Tired
– Less Hungry
– Lack of Communication
– Withdrawn
– Complain more
– Anxiety

Describe changes in your activity and energy levels as your depressive episodes develop:
– Stop doing things I am interested in
– Sleepy and tired all the time
– Lazy feeling
– Don’t want to leave the apartment
– Lower sex drive
– Not affectionate
– Body feels heavy like there’s no energy left
– Hard to wake up out of bed

Describe changes in your thinking and perception:
– Everyone is out to get me and against me
– I am more defensive
– Everything is hopeless and there is no point
– Unable to be interested in activities
– Feelings of guilt
– Feelings of self critical
– Feelings of regret
– Can not concentrate
– Unable to make a decision
– Worry more
– Bad memory
– Thoughts of hurting myself
– Feelings of being attacked

Describe changes in sleep patterns:
– Fall asleep early
– Sleep hard
– Unable to wake up
– Irritable upon waking up
– Tired all day
– Wanting excessive naps


So what will I do? Keep myself occupied, do as much as I can, drink as many Rockstars as possible, and be a nice, congenial awake-ish person.


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