Disgrace of the Odyssey

So it was July 2013. My mate and I went to the Odyssey Youth Center in the South Perry District to volunteer to help with their annual Halloween masquerade ball. They had sent out fliers and such asking for volunteers from the community. The Youth Odyssey is a special community center for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans youth to spend time before and after class getting support, homework help, or generally just finding friends to do good activities with.

We thought that a worthy cause, and hey we love Halloween, so why not volunteer? Also, the tickets are $50 and we would like to go but can’t afford that so the next best thing would be to help them out and get in free!

Well the meeting was terrible. It was 6 people (me and my mate included) – one of the giant ladies being 20 minutes late or so. They had already chaired each committee, and wondered if us two new people who didn’t know anyone at all, would head up their marketing committee. Fliers, sponsors, etc. We told them we’d rather just help with odds and ends that needed doing – decorating, sending out invites, whatever. My mate noted that things looked, from our point of fview, a l ittle disorganized so she offered to make google docs and organize info on what each person is doing and when, so that we could all come together. They “liked” the idea, but someone was already in charge of things like that who was not present at the meeting so that was that. They also said first-year volunteers needed to buy their own tickets. For $50. Wahhh!

We left feeling weird, awkward, and slightly dismayed. Everything was unorganized, the people were rude, they wanted us to jump in and chair a freakin’ committee and didn’t eben know who we were.. it was all too much. We were on their e-mail list but never heard from them again. I suppose the feeling must have been mutual.

It is Halloween season now, and a few days ago my mate told me excitedly that we get cheap tickets to the masquerade, like $10 apeice, because she’s a student at the local state university. How excited we were! I went out and bought my costume – the ever famed Banana suit. We got her all set up to be a beautiful butterfly.

And then yesterday she gets an e-mail stating they are retracting the offer for non-students to get tickets through them. “You can still come of course” they said. But I’d have to purchase my own ticket for $50 if I wanted to go with her. And we don’t know anyone in this city (we’ve lived here for 3 years now). So who else would she go with? No one but me.

Indian givers.

We decided to dress up anyway that night, and go out to eat somewhere for dinner. I’ll be the best damn banana anyone’s ever SEEN, and she’ll be the prettiest damn butterfly and we’ll have margaritas and burgers and be so happy knowing that we are not associating with them.




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