Sleep Paralysis

First of all, for those of you who don’t know what sleep paralysis is:

So when I was around 19-21 years of age, I had these strange occurences when I would be falling asleep. I’d be sure that I was awake and seeing demons or aliens and couldn’t move. My body felt heavy. It felt like I was being pulled down by a force greater than gravity. It was terrifying, and i’d call out for my mom but couldn’t get my body to form the sounds. This happened a few times, until I was put on anti-depressants, and then miraculously they stopped.

Yesterday I forgot to take my bipolar and anxiety medication until I got home from work at midnight. I tried to go to sleep, but everytime I’d close my eyes my body would freeze and I swear I’d be wide awake and couldn’t move, and a force was pulling me down, pushing me down. I’d see things out of the corners of my eyes and had a sense of foreboding and fright. i’d call out for my mate but no sounds would come out of my mouth. Finally I’d gather up as much energy as possible and jolt myself out of it and then immediately I’d fall back into it. It kept repeating maybe 15 times before it stopped. It didn’t matter what sleeping position I was in, this kept happening. One after the other. During one of the episodes I thought my mate was talking to me, and that she had gotten up to use the bathroom. I jolted myself out of it and saw she was sound asleep next to me.

I think it was maybe the fact that my anti-anxiety meds hadn’t kicked in yet. Supposedly they take 45 minutes to start to feel the effects but I went to bed at midnight and it wasn’t until 2:AM that I started to feel better and finally fell asleep.

I hate sleep paralysis. It is frightening. I hope it doesn’t happen again.



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