Best Free Psychedelic Music Site

For those who read this and don’t know about it already, you really should check out Ektoplazm. It is a free psychedelic music site that has thousands of releases from top labels like Neogoa, Underground Alien Factory, Sun Station, and so many more, including Ektoplazm itself, Omnitropic, and Digital Diamonds.

Ektoplazm hosts genres such as: Dark psytrance, Goa trance, Suomi, Techtrance, Downtempo/Ambient, Forest, Twilight, Uplifting, Full-On, Morning, and much more.

Over the past few years my psytrance and psychill music collection has grown considerably, in part thanks to Ektoplazm. The main guy who maintains the whole thing, Alexander (Xander in some circles) otherwise known as Basilisk, originally from Canada but now living in Asia – is an awesome dude and he spends a lot of time making Ektoplazm perfect. He has high standards for the quality of music that he allows on Ektoplazm, so it is definitely worth checking out.

For all your psy needs.


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