For years now, I have been saying that CD’s suck. They’re too big, if you scratch them accidentally they’re no good, and it is a pain in the ass to rip them to the computer, where the REAL music is.

I had this idea to put them all  on USB sticks or SD cards. Music albums could fit onto those no problem, and then they could invent some type of player that you could insert your USB drive or SD card and play from there. If you didn’t have a computer handy, or something. Or maybe they’d one day fit movies on them and instead of DVD we’d have memory sticks with movies on them. Stick it in the slot and hit play!


Well.. someone had my idea, more or less:


I think this could be the next wave of compact music technology. I am just sad that i couldn’t patent my idea, someone else got to it first. But not for movies! I could still patent the idea for movies perhaps.




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