kompressorkanonen – Lost Beaches

Right now: Listening to an old skool goa trance set by Spork for the 24-hour Global Goa Party originally streamed at DI.fm’s Goa/Psy trance channel in July. It makes me a little sad that I wasn’t tuned in to the Goa trance phenonemon at the time it was at its peak, around 1994-1997 (though my favorite era was 1997-2001 really). Midnight parties on the beach when I am 14 years old, though, was not my thing yet at that time lol… but the classics are amazing and I am really enjoying listening to them. Magical! The post reblogged here is not the mix I am listening to, but it is a mix that kind of ‘foreshadows’ the goa trance movement/period, and sets you up for the evolution of one of electronic music’s greatest acheivements.

Goat Ranch

I’m very excited to present a special treat from kk – prolific collector, reviewer, and damn fine DJ whose mixes always have substance.

Basically a highly subjective interpretation of the evolution of the early 90’s Goa sound. The tracks are from 1989-1995, so most of them come from an era when the term “Goa trance” didn’t exist.

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