Close To My Head

First, it started with black flakes coming off of the cushion. Then it progressed into a slight tear. then a large tear, Then the foam coming unglued. On the left ear. And now… the right ear.


Bose. The almighty


bose-ugh Bose. 5 years old:


So: For Christmas, my present:


Drive Unit (mm): 50
Impedance: 56
Sensitivity (dB/mW): 100
Max. input (mW): 1,500
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz): 10 – 27
Cord length (ft): 9.8
Weight w/o cord (oz): 7.8
In-cord Volume: No
Miniplug (3.5mm): Yes
Air Plug Adaptor: Yes
Magnet Type: Nd:Neodymium
Plug: Gold


Super excited. I love my mate, she is the best.





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