The Holiday Season

I am one of those people who, for the most part, celebrates Christmas but isn’t a Christian. I am more of a spiritual being; a lightworker, some would call it. But I believe Jesus was a real man who spread the word of love and giving and kindness. He was the ultimate human being, and God could be considered his ‘father’, since God or ‘The Source’ is all of our ‘father’s. We are all connected in this universe, together. We are all a peice of this puzzle, so kindness to others is of the utmost importance, and he knew that, and he preached that.

But I do not celebrate Christmas necessarily to reflect on Jesus’ birth. Instead, I celebrate it as a blanket holiday that covers all religions, and non-religions.. all customs and all celebrations, in my own way. I do the tree thing, (I will NOT have Christmas without a tree), I do the food thing. I do the presents thing. So it sounds like a typical christian thing right?

The summary of the holiday is this: The Romans turned from pagan to catholic, and went on their crusades destroying those who refused to convert to christianity. the harbringers of death, if you will. The pagans celebrated the winter solstice around the 22nd in their private ceremonies, and had big holiday feasts and fun on the 25th collectively.The romans thought they’d not only kill the people, but ill the solstice holiday/ceremony by naming December 25 as ‘Christmas’ , or the birthday of Jesus Christ, their savior.  Their real christian holiday was celebrated in January before this. So really no one knows when his birthday is but scholar’s have suggested it is in the springtime. (

Anyway, I am getting off course here. I think the holiday should be celebrated by all religions, if not officially then unofficially, for just recognizing the kindness of others and the kindness within yourself. Have some hot cocoa, have a dinner with family, watch some christmas movies for fun, go sledding if its snow outside. It is nothing to shun, nor is it something that fundamentalist christians in the United States would have bolstered up on a pedestal, claiming that there is a ‘war on christmas’ and those who do not explicitly say “Merry Christmas” and instead deem it more appropriate to include all cultures with “Happy Holidays”, should cease to exist or quietly go lay down in a cold grave somewhere.

I think no matter who you are, or where you are, the tradition can just be a fun time to spend with those you love, in remembrance, or memorial, perhaps, of someone you believe may or may not have actually existed. Likewise, what harm is it to say “Happy Holidays” to everyone you come across, in case you come across someone who doesn’t celebrate it? There is always a happy medium to most problems, and I think coming together in this one is crucial to put aside differences.

So Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, And have fun celebrating whatever the hell you want to, whenever you want to, because in essence, it all comes down to happiness and love.


Polar Bear in a Santa Hat



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