Alone At The Bottom of The World

So I think it is safe to say I have a tiny obsession with the Arctic and Antarctic. I love the animals – penguins below, polar bears above. I love the idea of an expansive mass of land (well, the Arctic is shrinking) inhabited by a severely nominal amount of people..I love Auroras and hope to see one someday (hence me changing the blog background to an aurora)… even the stories of courage and craziness from those lands… the customs and taboos and other such rules regarding the cold weather. I even found McMurdo’s website and nearly applied to be a janitor in the Antarctic. I remembered that I had a life and family and pulled myself out of that rabbit hole.

I’ll never stop loving the mystical allure of the Arctic and Antarctic lands.

So with that introduction, I introduce you to an album I put out in 2012: Antarctica.


Redgloam – Antarctica

You can listen free at bandcamp, the digital copy is 1 Euro or more, and the CD is $5.95 plus handling. If you like it, (even if you don’t wish to purchase it at this time) please drop a note and let me know! Thank you.

Ahem… now back to the cold winter lands (well I guess Antarctica is having summer right now.. its just more fun to say winter lands…).


and I can’t forget…

Polar bears


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