Meditating, And Why I Can’t

So I discovered, musically, this little gem of some peaceful chillout music I think people will like:

It is not exactly PSYchill, but its chill.. but it is very refreshing and peaceful. You could meditate to it, I am sure.. have a listen.

Also.. on that note, I have been trying to learn how to meditate. I hear it can do all sorts of wonders for a person. Connect them to a higher state of consciousness, connect them or ground them to their innerself bypassing the ‘ego’, and relaxing someone who is in a state of anxiety, or who deals with anxiety problems or depression. I think all of these are useful reasons, but there are probably even more than that.

I however, have a hard time focusing. I’ve tried relaxing in a quiet dark room, I’ve tried doing small meditations like imagining a rose, what the rose feels like, how it smells, and really LIVING the rose.. but its hard. I have tried breathing, counting, everything. I just don’t seem to get it.

Maybe this is why, I discovered recently:

I always knew fluoride wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.. they say they put it in our water for our teeth. But we can do that with brushing with fluoride, right? I don’t know, though, the fluoride in water really does benefit some people. My mate for example. She was born on a reservation in Montana, USA, and they had no fluoridation. Her teeth as a result became marbalized and spotty. And she only lived there until she was 4 years old.

So maybe it IS good for teeth and has benefits. But if its also crumming up my pineal gland, that which is to be used for the opening of the Third Eye (which various cultures have differing opinions on – personally my mom likes to explain the Third Eye is your sense of psychic ability, your sixth sense correlates to), then that is no good and I want no fluoride. I have problems brushing my teeth though (sometimes I just forget, and I require cinnamon flavor) so I need all the fluoride I can get, probably.

I’ll just have to take some Spirulina and eat Bananas & Honey to offset the difference, I guess.


What do you think?


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