The Monster

So one of our cats, Choco-Luv (disclaimer: I didn’t name her) is very small and petite. She gets cold in the winter time, and is always found on the electric throw blankets. So we thought a sweater would help keep her warm. We went to WalMart (ugh don’t lecture me, I hate them too) and got a pink camo puffy jacket with a fur lined hood for her. We put it on her today and of course she did not like it one bit.

She was laying on the floor in distress (poor thing, I feel terrible) not sure how to proceed with life, when suddenly her brother, Goose, looked around the corner and saw her wearing the thing. His eyes grew wide and he poofed up. Suddenly she ran as fast as she could – I believe she saw the look in his eyes and his body language screamed “oh  my god, a monster!!!” so she ran from him. In the process, the jacket fell off of her.

He was floofed up SO BIG and looked gigantic. He had arched back like he was going to attack her, and chased her into the bedroom. this was 20 minutes ago and he is still sniffing around the apartment trying to figure out where the monster went.

He isn’t the brightest crayon in the box… he’s a maine coon, so he’s got maine-coon-for-brains. He is a little more calm now but still sniffing about cautiously. When he got in the proximity of his sister Choco-Luv again, he sniffed her butt vigorously to make sure it was her. He did not recognize her in clothing.

This will be perhaps the last time we try keeping Choco-Luv warm. We don’t want to freak out the other cat.



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