New Years Resolutions

Aurora Bunny Time

Aurora Bunny Time

So.. I’ve never been the type of person that thinks New Years Resolutions are practical. You’ve always got people vowing to lose weight, and they mean well… but after about March or so, the YMCA is calm again and you can finally find a place to park. No one ever sticks to these resolutions. Usually because they go about them the wrong way.

So I’ve always been cynical and rolling my eyes when I hear someone talking about how they’re going to resolve to do this or that. And why around the New Year? Why not make resolutions in your daily life, each day? You save it up for the new year so you can say “I started doing this exactly on January 1, 2014.”

Well here I’ve made a few resolutions. *gasp from the crowd* and here it is:

— I would like to find out who I am and why I do the things I do. I am an introvert by nature but that doesn’t mean necesarily that I am introspective. I need to look within and learn to know who I really am. Where does my personality begin, and where do my complications with Bipolar end? What is the reason, the motivation behind the things that I do? Sometimes I hurt others unintentionally – how does that come about? How can I resolve that problem? I want to look inward to find answers.

— I want to be a kind person. The dalai llama always said that if you can’t be nice to people, at least don’t harm them. I think that hurting others, especially intentionally, is the biggest taboo. We are all connected, we are all the same. Everyone loves something. Everyone has someone that loves them. Each person should be treated as though they are worthy of respect and kindness. And I want to be the person who undertakes this kindness and spreads it to others.

— Last but not least, I want to be a positive person. I want to remain optimistic, as I do believe in the Law of Attraction. What you deeply wish for isn’t enough… you can’t just hope for it, you have to KNOW you’re going to get it. If you become optimistic instead of pessimistic or cynical about everything, the world will continue to allow you to be cynical and pessimistic. Once you open your eyes and feel the gratitude of being alive… smiling at the little things: the sunrise, the sunset, the people in your life that make you smile, the funny things you do that make yourself smile… every little thing can be a positive thing. We are here to learn, and life is constantly teaching us, at every moment, every milisecond of your life, you are learning something. Its a rough job to always always be learning. But we’re also teachers. We come into someone’s life and somehow we change it, if even for a milisecond. A smile, a brief conversation, helping them do something, anything. If you can be positive, you spread that attitude, and it makes for a better world, but selfishly and more importantly, it makes for a better YOU.


These are things I seriously think are practical, and only involve myself. I think I can do these things. No.. I KNOW I will do these things.



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