432 Hz

So as most of you now know, I am getting more in touch with my spiritual side. I read an article the other day that really resonated with me (no pun intended) about converting music from 440 Hz (the typical standard) to 432 Hz (the old standard) because the 432 Hz is more in tune with nature and the vibrations of the universe.

All new-agey spiritual stuff aside, I found a great documentary that explains the ancient history of 432 Hz and the mathematics of it all.



There have been some conspiracy theories as to why we switched from 432Hz to 440, some being that the Nazis found 440 was out of tune with the harmony and vibrations of the world and could be used to aggravate people or disenchant them. Others found that it was easier to tune, etc… I am not going to subscribe to either theory, instead I will just know that after downloading a program returnto432 I have been finding that the music in fact does sound better, it is more warm and brilliant, and it makes me feel more calm. I dont know why that is, how it works, or if its placebo, but it does make me feel better, so I’ll take it and run with it.

I highly recommend watching this 2 part documentary.




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