Running Smooth

So me and my mate are getting into fitness, and health. Starting slow, going easy, then building up eventually to prepare for the track so we can hit the ground running there. Pun intended.

I have sciatica right now (on and off, today it was ok for a while at home then leaving home it hurt to walk on concrete and such). I also have back and knee problems. My mate kept saying I needed a good new pair of actual running shoes. We saw these are the mall yesterday and they looked promising:

Nike shox

Nike shox


So I went back today and purchased them. They are purple and white with some silver and grey. So then I went and got some purple moisture wicking workout shirts to match. I have a black pair of shorts and a white pair of shorts so that should be good. I took some pictures of the complete outfits, too:






I decided to alternate days between cardio and fat burn/hill climb, to burn calories AND get good cardio in, in a faster time. I am looking forward to powering through it and being tough. These shoes should really help. They felt like they were perfectly tailored to my feet. I am also excited to announce my beautiful and wonderful mate purchased an amazing sports bra for me that has excellent big-boob-lady support. I can’t wait to wear only ONE bra when running, instead of 2 to keep the bounce at bay. It really is a pain in the ass.

Beast Mode.




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