Snowboarding: Lesson 1

So my mate and I bought a $79 3-lesson pass to the mountain to snowboard. it includes 3 lift tickets, free rentals, and 3 lessons. I sucked horribly and was such a struggler. Everyone else caught on pretty quick. I was embarassed. And then the worst happened: I wiped out and heard a CRUNCH in my neck and immediate pain. Felt like I tore a muscle. The instructor took me to ski patrol medical to get a heat pack or ice pack for my neck.

Instead, there were like 12 people there, and they all freaked out because it was my neck so they strapped me to a board with a chin collar and everything. Then they said they called the albulance. WHAT THE FUCK?! I told them no, no ambulance, I can’t afford that. My mate kept telling them no, too. When the ambulance arrived I told him I REFUSE TREATMENT and he told me my mate had caved and agreed to follow behind us in the ambulance. I thought since she changed her mind that it was ok for me to allow them to do so. Later I found out she had told them NO SUCH THING and had vehemently denied them to take me in an ambulance to the hospital. ugh.

So they strapped me in and took me to the hospital which was a 45 minute ride of bumpiness. Sucked so bad that I couldn’t move, i got antsy. they gave me a pain pill which chilled me a little but not too much. Then at the hospital they took radiographs and it turns out my neck was fine. They confired that I had spondyliosis (arthritis in my neck) which I already figured I had. But it was just a muscle strain. WTF all that bullshit for a sprained neck muscle? ARGH!!!


So I kinda fucked up on that one. I should have stood my ground and said NO NO NO NO NO I just need some fucking ice dammit.


Fucking hell

Fucking hell


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