Snowboarding Lesson 2: I had Heart!!



What an amazing day, such a turn-around from last Sunday’s fiasco. This morning my mate and I left early and got to the ski resort at 8am, when they opened. We practiced a little bit on flat ground, and then went up on the lift. It took me forever to get down the hill because I kept biffing it but had a great fun time with her up on the hill. At one point I got the wind knocked out of me but I just got back up and kept going.

Lessons started at 10:30am. At first I was in level 2, with my mate and one other kid about 8 years old. They did pretty well but I struggled a bit so I was sort of downgraded to level 1 again. At first I started off in a group of about 6 people, then was a little more advanced I think, so I was put in a smaller group of 3, and then eventually I had just one-on-one with an instructor who was really cool.

I was more confident, more optimistic.. I biffed it but just got back up and tried again.. and I enjoyed myself. I got hurt but didn’t whine or complain, just kept going. Little Nemo: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

I had a great attitude, and confidence. My glasses fogged up so I took them off. I couldn’t see well, which actually helped a lot! I didn’t freak out as much because I couldn’t really see anything.

I feel enthusiastic and proud of myself. I had a really good time. Practice makes perfect and I feel happy about how it went. A BIG difference from the last time.

Fun times!

Fun times!

My mate!
My mate!



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