And Stuff.

I feel like life is moving in a good direction. My mental health is stable, my mate has made a big decision that will impact our lives in a positive way, we’re eating better and exercising, we’re having fun together, and things seem to be going ok for once. I am so happy! I have been antsy and anxious lately but now I am taking 2mg clonazepam which should take about 2 weeks to see the effects. I hope it helps, I can’t seem to sit still for very long, and my back aches so I move around a lot which annoys my mate…

So far this year has been 95% good. For instance, I can’t wait to go snowboarding again, and I am real excited for seeing Dave Matthews Band @ the Gorge this labor Dave weekend in August. They are playing 2 sets, one acoustic, one electric which should be interesting. Since we’re not drinking, we’re saving that $ to get seats to Friday and Sunday shows, and then on Saturday spending time with an old good pal from junior high school. Possibly boating and tubing or water skiing. Fun!

The decision my mate is making may impact our finances just a bit but we can have fun without spending a ton of money. I really want to save up for moving to Colorado. I am real excited about Colorado. It, I can feel, is our destiny. I know it is, and I am certain things will fall into place. If you believe it, it will happen. Its true.

So its been snowing a  lot here lately and been in the single digits for a lot of the time. My car seems to do ok so far, most of the roads get cleared quickly, but its getting out of the apartment complex parking lot and then going in low gear through the neighborhood that annoys me. But its not really a big deal. I like the snow now, I think it is pretty. I want to go to the park and take pictures of snow on trees and the frozen ponds, etc…

My Antarctica CD arrived today! My album – the one I recorded on my computer. it took 2 months to get here from Russia. they had to print it first and then send it by ground shipping, so it took a while. I am happy with how it looks.. we’re going to listen to it soon and see how it sounds all mastered officially and stuff. Excited!

Speaking of computers, my main computer (the one I use to make my music on) died the other day. I turned it on and the power supply went kaput. Kaput is yiddish for tits up. it would cost the same amount of $ for a new power supply than the computer is worth now (its from 2008.. 1 gig ran, 300 hard drive space, etc). I will get a new desktop when we move to Colorado, and I am removing and saving the hard drives with all my stuff on them. But it’ll be a while before I make music again, as a result. Oh well.


I am super stoked that the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl. They are my hometown team (well I lived in western WA but close enough to Seattle, and eventually IN the city of Seattle) so they are ‘my team’. I really like Denver too — my future city. But the Hawks really deserved it and that made me happy to see them win.

So I know this post has a lot of random things in it, so I will leave you with a random picture for you to look at, because of reasons.



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