Me + Technology = No.

So I haven’t really written in my blog in quite a while because I’ve been having issues with electronic items. No, seriously. My desktop PC went kaput (which is yiddish for tits up) finally, which sucks. I’ll have to salvage the hard drive and insert it into the next PC I get, which … who knows when that will be.

So for now I am only using this tiny netbook. It has 2 gigs of ram, 1.33 mhz processor, and 320 gigs of space. Not top of the line but it’ll do for now. I mean, if it will DO!! Can we say memory leak anyone??

I’ll be running one program, say an internet browser, and all extra non-essential processes have been shut down. I’ll get a “windows is out of memory” notice or the browser will simply crash without notice. I can’t seem to have more than one program open at a time all of a sudden. When, before, I’ve had more than 7 open without any problems. So I am not completely sure what is wrong with THIS computer now, but I downloaded and installed a memory squeezer program, that helps restore memory. You have to do it manually, so I check the memory amount every now and then. I also downloaded a somewhat smaller-footprint browser, Opera. I’d been using Chrome back and forth with Firefox until now, and I have to admit I really like Opera! I just installed it on a whim because Chrome and FF were hogging up major memory, even when only having one tab open and all the extensions disabled. Opera takes up half the resources that FF and Chrome did. Plus it has a super cool downloader that works real well – most of my files would be broken with the other browsers and the only way to download anything was if I hooked up the netbook directly to the modem with the ethernet cable. ugh, what a pain!

I also stopped using Winamp to play my music with, sadly enough. It was also a memory hog. I could play 30 seconds of a song before it would crash. So I downloaded Foobar2000 or something like that. It has not crashed yet and its been 3-4 days (knocking on wood this entire time I write this). Its not as beautiful to look at as winamp but it gets the job done, and I was actually really surprised at the sound quality of Foobar! Beautiful, crisp, and deep. Nice.

So we’ll see. I hope programs can all play nice together on this little thing until I can afford a new desktop PC.


Wish me good luck!



2 thoughts on “Me + Technology = No.

  1. Winamp has never got along with my laptop PC. I finally gave up on it and just listen to my music within Traktor.

    Off-topic: do you still have the tracklist for “Journey to Goa”? Someone asked me about the track after Hallucinogen – Trancespotter (the one with the Spaceballs sample.)

    (thanks again for the mix!)

    • I don’t think I did, for some reason I never thought it w9ould go anywhere so I didn’t bother making a tracklist, I can listen to it and see if I can figure it out though. Sorry bout that.

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