Bipolar Depression

So I was stable for about 5 months and it felt great. Then slowly, the onset of depression started to hit me, and now I am struggling to keep my head above water. My body constantly aches and is fatigued. All I want to do is sleep forever. My mood is ‘blah’ not really sad or hopless but just lacking the energy to stay positive.

I treadmill 2 miles each day and nearly pass out afterward but I have to try and push myself. I take vitamins, drink lots of water.

Had an appt with the pdoc on Wednesday. He upped my dosage of lamictal and abilify, and so we’ll see after a while if that helps. I hope it does, depression is the worst and I dont want to feel this way ever again.

In other news, despite having no energy and feeling lethargic, I am going snowboarding again tomorrow, and going to try and do my very best to have fun and get energy. I need to focus on the good, not the bad. I want to have a blast. I am excited.

Anyone reading this please send me good vibrations, love &  light so that I may find myself out of this depression and back to stability.



3 thoughts on “Bipolar Depression

  1. Good vibrations coming your way – wait! Isn’t that the name of a song? “Good vibrations”? I’m certain it is. If so: have a listen and a dance, it always helps me and it may – just may – work for you too.

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