Snowboarding Take 3

So yesterday was our final day of our EZ123 snowboarding lesson package. At first I was put in level 2 with my mate but I needed extra help so they assigned me my own personal instructor. I couldn’t get the hang of the heel edge to slow down or stop the board. I had him help me in tandem but I still didn’t really get it until the end. I would cruise high-speed down the mountain and try and stop by going onto my heels straight across but I’d stick my butt out too far and fall on it. There are some funny videos that my mate took of me doing just such a thing. Unfortunately they are on Facebook and I can’t seem to figure out how to link it here. I’ll figure it out and post it later. Its full of great falls on my butt that you will love.


I am soooo sore and tired today!!

Me and the Moose

Me and the Moose


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