Old Skool Acid House

So last night I was in an old-skool mood at work. I work 4pm-12am doing data entry, so we listen to music in our headphones all night while we work. I had originally been listening to Alien Operator on my iPod, but the iPod battery died. Alien operator had 2 EP’s released in 2013 but they were in the style of late 80’s early 90’s acid house.

Pretty cool. So I changed the background of my typing screen to black, and the font color to’ Commador 64 Yellow’ in honor of the old skool. When the battery died on my iPod, I put my headphones into my phone and booted up Digitally Imported (di.fm) and turned on the old-skool acid house/trance/techno channel. I was having a blast listening to the squelching 303 and the Roland-808, and it made me groove in my seat. While listening, I was inspired to refresh my memory about the acid house party movement that started in Chicago in the 80’s in old warehouses, and it spread to the UK where they had some amazing clubs and parties that DJ’s spun acid house and acid techno.

I wished for a while that the nostalgia could’ve been experienced in person for me, that I would have been of age to take part in such an amazing movement. I was born in 1979, so the 80’s were a blur. Cap’n Crunch, Popples, New Kids on the Block, the beginning of MTV (who played music videos at that time). No idea at the time what acid house was. Shame. So with that, I give you an acid house youtube track to enjoy. This is reputed to be THE original acid house track, ever made.



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