Parade of Nations

So a few weeks ago my mate and I handmade a lot of native american items for a basket, that was to be for auction at an event for cultural diversity. We handmade paintings, painted ceramic owls, made godseyes, put a book in about the Salish tribe, decorated flat rocks with petroglyph symbols, a bean bear design, and a recipe for indian fry bread passed down from salish elders. We had food and soda, and whoever won the raffle for our basket wasn’t present so we didn’t get to see their reaction, unfortunately. But everyone thought out basket was the best.

Today I am going to see a screening for hearing with laurel during the health fair at the campus. Aunt Linda will be coming, too. I want to get more screenings done too, like HDL lipid profile, glyco, cholesterol, etc… so that should be fun.

I was sick for about a week with some sort of virus. It started with a bad cough, barking and wheezing. Then 2 days later I got a sore throat and it was red. Then that went away and I started to get a runny/stuffy nose. Then that went away and I was still coughing up phlegm which was gross. I still have a random cough but I am not sure if its from my ashtma or from my virus. I went to work through the whole thing, though, despite feeling like poop. I am feeling much better.

So I went to run at the track finally and it felt good. I don’t like the treadmill, I like being outside. I think I run faster outside. I thought it would be harder, because the treadmill is rubber and so its more bouncy, but I found my awesome Nike Shox shoes made the outdoor track feel good to run on.

My mate has been super busy with school stuff so I haven’t seen a whole lot of her, but she’s doing so well in school. So proud of her!! She’s an amazing woman.

I called my mom yesterday for her birthday. She is 68 now. She just chilled all day, and is having dinner on Sunday with the family, and I will be there in spirit.

That’s about it. Oh and I’ve been going through my music, weeding out the stuff that I listen to and find I don’t like, and then download new stuff, listen to it once, and then delete it if I don’t like it, and if I do, I keep it. Its working well but I have a TON of music to go through. I love music, though, so I don’t mind. I find it soothing.

Been trying to meditate lately and have been able to relax more which is good. My thoughts still run rampant but I am a little more able to just relax and let the thoughts flow away which is cool. I’ve also been sleeping in the living room a lot on my meditation pillow (a long one with some pillows and a blanket) because I either cough or snore at night, and it disrupts my mate who has some severe sleeping problems. It seems to work ok that way.

Anyway, Namaste!


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