A Day That Was Not So Wonderful

Yesterday I had a shit day. I work until midnight and wake up at 4-ish to workout in the mornings, then I nap later. brief overview. Anyway…


I had a library book to return, and then wanted to donate plasma, which I haven’t done in 2 years. I went to the library. It was 8:45am and the door said they didn’t open until 10am. The parking garage was empty and no one was in the booth, so I thought parking was free. Skip ahead: After finding out I was too early for the library to drop off the book that was due, I went to see about donating plasma for some extra $$.

I went through the whole rigamarole, if you don’t donate for more than 6 months you’re considered new again. So I had to watch the video, fill out questionaires, do the kiosk thing, get my picture taken, test my hematocrit and protein by finger-prick, etc.. then I had to wait about an hour to be seen for the physical before being admitted to donate.

When I was finally called in, the doctor was having computer problems, so it took him about 12 minutes to pull up my file. He gave me crackers and water so that I would have a better donation. Then he asked me about any health issues I may have. I told him I have bipolar and GAD with panic disorder and he said sorry but they don’t allow mental health patients anymore, something about policy. I suspect having to do with needles and being psycho… thanks for the stigma! So I had wasted all that damn time to be told about this new policy and being permanently deferred from donating. Swell.

So.. pissed about that, I drove back to the library. I noticed when I got there, it was open, so I had to take a ticket. I saw an attendant in the booth so I realized I’d have to pay. I don’t have change for a meter on the street so I used the garage. I ran into the library real quick and dropped off the book. I ran back out and at the booth he said it would cost .75 cents. I handed him my card. “Oh we only take cash.” Fuck. “What? I only have plastic. I don’t carry change, and most all places in this city take cards.” ..” Well, we don’t.” I fished around and found .24 cents. he took it then was belligerent and belly ached about how he’d have to cover the rest out of his own pocket and people need to pay attention to the signs. I told him it is NOT clearly marked that it is cash only, and he said “See the sticker on my window right here?” That was also behind the window that slides open, so partially obscured by the sill. So, no, I told him. Not really. He finally let me go after being a total dick.

I got home and had 45 minutes to nap. I was so tired. Not only does my higher dose of Lamictal make me tired, but I hadn’t gotten adequate sleep. I went to work anyway like a big responsible girl, but the battle between depression and dilligence was won by the depression of the shit day I had, and I took my FMLA leave and went home. I have FMLA for bipolar and anxiety.

Laurel got 100% on her big exam at school so we celebrated to make me feel better and to celebrate her good score, by eating Chipotle burritos. I felt a bit better after that, but was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. My mood was still not level but I did feel more calm and less anxious being at home. Usually at work I have a few PRN extra lorazepams in case of anxiety, but they might make me sleepy and I was already tired so tea or caffeine, I am afraid, would not have worked well. I intend to go back to work tonight and kick serious ass. I am going to get some good sleep this time.

What a day yesterday. Ugh. Hope the rest of today goes well. So far so good, just tired.


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