Crap Knee

I have a crap knee. The left one. I looked some things up and from several medical websites learned that perhaps I tore or injured, somehow, my LCL and MCL ligaments, and of course there’s the torn meniscus from when I was a child that never properly healed. I weighed myself and now I am 177 lbs!!!! Oh god!! So I really need to exercise. But nooooo my knee wants to keep me in pain.

Everytime I walk or run or jog, there is pain in my knee and on the side of it. I took some methocarbamol and rubbed icy hot on it, as well as twice today did some strength exercises to help build the muscles around the knee, for support and to prevent further injury.

The other day I had to limp on the treadmill… it sucked. All the websites say not to do exercise until the pain is healed, but I can’t waste any time, I weigh almost as much as I did in 2006, which was 181. Holy jesus! Weight gain: maybe the new pills I take, quetiapine (Seroquel) as well as not being in control of my food portions and also not putting my full effort into my treadmill workout. Which is due to the damn knee problem. Ugh.

So I decided I am going to eat very, very little. I’ll drink a lot of water to fill my belly, and try not to eat as much food. I am not down with anorexia, but I am totally down with cutting my calories in half. According to I am alloted 1234 calories per day. I say I am alloted 900 per day. I know its a crash but it works — and I have carb blockers I can take if I end up eating something like pasta or corn. Or potatoes. etc..

Anyway I am fed up with having the hugest belly on the planet.. none of my shirts fit right and my fatness is out there for all to see. Lovely.

I am 5’3″ and small boned, My BMI has me ideally at 124-140 lbs. I am happy if I can get down to 150 within the next few months. I really got to do this. I have to put my heart and soul into this. I can NOT weigh nearly 180 lbs!!!! NO WAY.



2 thoughts on “Crap Knee

  1. First of all: ouch, my sympathies. That’s a lot going on at once.

    I’ll give you my advice, based on personal experience and observations.

    The problem with calorie restriction is that the metabolism goes into hunger mode, assuming that food will be scarce from now on so it should store up fat. Hence the yo-yo effect of losing weight temporarily and then gaining it back.

    Same issue with carbohydrate restriction. Our cells need carbohydrate for energy, or they go into starvation mode. The result is short-term weight loss, but long term weight gain and health problems.

    Instead, I strongly recommend a McDougall-style, starch-based diet. Most Americans eat way too many calories from fat (which is stored easily /as fat/) and protein (which contributes to inflammation), even if they are vegetarians. In my own, mostly vegan, household, my mother experienced joint pain and gout-like symptoms in her big toe. Two things, and only two things, helped: one, cutting fat to about 10% of total calories, and two, cutting out animal protein and soy protein. Now, we follow a diet with starchy carbs, including rice, pasta, and potatoes, at the center. She’s better. It works.

    Here’s an article by John McDougall that goes into more detail on the importance of carbohydrate.

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