Gain and Lose

I seem to be evening out and cracking even. I keep going from 174 to 170 in terms of weight. I exercise, eat small portions of healthy food.. I don’t get it. *sigh* I got to keep on keepin’ on, I guess.

The weather here in Spokane is odd. One day it will be 70 and the next, 50 and rainy. Hard to go for walks or bicycle rides when you don’ t know when it will rain on you.

Well my mate got a 98% on her final, and that is an A+ meaning she’s kept her 4.0! I am so proud of her. Took her to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday.

Did I mention I finally got in contact with my dad after nearly a year? Turns out his e-mail changed the layout and he couldn’t find his address book, and he got a new phone and it didn’t have the #’s plugged into it, so he couldn’t call. I guess he was worried about me since I never reached out to HIM. I thought he was ignoring me, for whatever reason. His dog died, she was his best friend, so he’s not doing so great. He is sad. I will e-mail him today.

I’ve been doing knee strengthening exercises to stabilize my knee, but the only thing that helps the pain is to walk on it for a while. After 5-10 minutes of walking on it, the pain dissipates slightly. It still hurts but it tolerable at that point. Pretty sure I tore a ligament. Based on the anatomy of the knee that I studied carefully at many medical journal sites, I have come to that conclusion.

In other news I have a new female crush: Amanda Knox. You know, the girl who was on trial for a murder in Italy that she did not commit? She was 20 when that all went down at first but now she is 27 and HOT. My goodness. She has a book out about what happened and stuff, I am thinking of getting it and reading it.


I think that is it for my life for now. Nothing exciting or worth writing about, really.


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