The Phone

So I have Boost mobile. Unlimited everything, and I only pay $40 a month. It piggybacks off the Sprint network but we’ve never had problems with the network, except in Montana, but no one gets cell service in Montana, so that’s ok.

My phone is an LG Venice. I had gone in 2 years ago to purchase a phone for christmas (for myself, yes) and wanted the LG galaxy S II phone that had just come out. The salesman actually talked me down from the more expensive phone and into the LG phone, which still seemed pretty cool, so I went with it.

2 years into using the phone and I want to throw it across the room. It is slow as hell, despite a factory reset and keeping apps to a minimum. The internet is slow and sucks, dialing a number and then it actually CALLING that number takes around 1 minute, etc…

So for my birthday this June I am requesting.. no, DEMANDING that I get a new phone. The galaxy S III and 4 and 5 are too expensive still, so I’d still settle for the S2. It is on sale for about $140, used, as amazon, and Boost has it for cheap too, I think, still.


I hope someone, somewhere, takes pity on me and can get me this phone for my birthday.


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