Labor Dave Weekend!

Its a tradition. Each Labor Day weekend, Dave Matthews Band plays at the Gorge Amphitheatre which is 2 hours away. They play 3 nights. This time we are going to the Friday night show and the Sunday night show. Brandi Carlile will be there as well. This is a dream come true. Dave lived in Seattle for quite a while, while his wife went to school at bastyr University in Seattle to become a Naturopathic doctor. Brandi is from Ravensdale, WA which is a half hour from Seattle, so they guested with each other at some of Brandi’s shows and impromptu Seattle Dave solo appearances. Anyway so that is super exciting! 

We made signs this year. One sign is decorated in red orange and yellow and says “Raise Hell Brandi” (Raise Hell is a song of hers) and on the other side in Rainbow it says Celebrate We Will (a line from a DMB song). (the We Will is just in blue and green, and there are ocean waves at the bottom of the sign).


We made all of our food and beverages in advance so we do not have to worry about any of that. We picked out our outfits, and are all set to go! The car is even mostly loaded with this, I just need to clean out my car, throw away garbage, etc.

So excited! Me and my mate play a game each year (well it started last year) where we come up with the setlist we think they’ll play for the night, and whoever gets the most songs that they actually end up playing, wins some merchandise that the other person (the loser) purchases for the winner. I won last year. I want to win again this year. We shall see!


Dave Matthews Band


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