Up, Up, and Away!

Sooooo this month I’ve been manic. i didn’t know it, and was in denial when my mate told me about it. I just couldn’t accept that I was impulsive, had poor judgment, had destructive behavior and was too talkative and loud. Because you see.. I’ve been sleeping just fine (actually the psychologist found out I don’t get ‘good’ sleep because my brain at night isn’t doing what it is supposed to). I’ve been eating normally (ok ok maybe a little more than usual – bad stuff like candy and ice cream and pies – only because hello, its October!! Candy month!).


But I finally admitted I was manic so I started taking abilify and while some of my symptoms of mania haven’t disapeared yet, I can dfinitely feel the tiredness the Abilify gives you. Ugh.

I got the pregabalin that the neruologist had recommended that should help balance my brain chemistry. It is only 50mg right now, but the doctor said he’d raise it slowly. So we’ll see how it goes!!


Snowboard swap next weekend. Excited! I might find a board. I’d also like boots. I’ve been looking at sizing information and things like that.. Some of the information I read is contradictory. One site says my board should be 149-157 cm, others say about 161. This is because of my height and weight. I am heavier than I should be, and the sites say go with what you weigh, not how tall you are. So I did but each site says something different. So I wrote down all the info and will bring it to the swap, and if there are vendors or experts, I can ask them.

Thats about it, for now. things are good, pretty much.


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