Ok. So I first heard of this new sub-genre of Dark Psy earlier this year, when Alexander was contemplating adding it as a sub-genre at ektoplazm.com. This usually means it is something specific that people will be looking for. A sub-genre clearly defined.

But.. I am confused. I am listening right now to Galactic Crew’s Various Artists – Alien Control. It supposedly one of the choice hand-picked examples of High-Tech. I am listening hard. Trying so hard. I can’t see it. I can’t feel it. I can’t HEAR IT.

To me, it just sounds like: dark psy. I am sorry. I cannot tell the difference between this garbage and the garbage that is dark psy. I see no difference what-so-ever. Maybe it is because my mind is not fine-tuned to dark psy’s sound really (I do like Forest and Twilight (night full-on).

if someone out there can clearly explain it to me that’d be great. Ektoplazm’s brief explanation: “Typically fast, highly technical, with a focus on polished beats, clear bass lines, and glitchy sounds designed to reprogram the mind. Related to darkpsy, full-on, and psycore.”  just does not help very much.

Either way, I won’t be keeping any of this in my library. ick.



One thought on “Hi-Tech…?

  1. Mmmmm, in my opinion the difference between HiTech and Darkpsy is mainly in including Intelligent conversations, variations of bitrate and high speed bass lines. I recommend you to start first listening to this tracks/albums in order:

    Crazy Astronaut – Renegade (2011, when he was still doing awesome music and not today’s garbage)
    GenOhm (Look for tracks in Soundcloud)
    Angry Luna (OVNI 1,2 and 3)
    Cyberhen (look for tracks in soundcloud, colaboration between Crazy Astronaut and Kindzadza)

    Try to listen with headphones and try to pick up the speed and changes of the bass lines.

    Funny thing is that I believe some of the music you call forest and twlight full-on might well be Hi-Tech.

    If still you dont get it maybe this is definitely not your thing. PLUR.

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