Clinical Diagnoses?

So my psychiatric office has an online portal you can login to view your appt times, and apparently, your diagnoses.


What the fuck? Bipolar II ? Um. No. I’ve been diagnosed 3 other times as Bipolar type I. my mania is moderate degree (except once it was major and I went into psychosis for a little while) and I am experiencing mania more often now than depression for some reason. So, II? No way.


And another. I was never told about this and didn’t know what this acronym was: MAD. I had to look it up. Mixed Anxiety Depressive disorder.


Howcome I wasn’t told I had this? And I’d been diagnosed with GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, a long time ago and I thought I had seen it in my charts before. Weird! I don’t know what the F. I’m going to have to ask when I see the doc.


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