Sale Lake City!

Weds February 25 me and my mate left on an 18 hour bus ride to Sale Lake City, Utah for her interview at University of Utah. We arrived at 6am-ish and walked to our hotel where we showered and took a little nap before heading to the Cheesecake factory. Now: side note. Spokane does not have a Cheesecake Factory. We are deprived. Seattle has one. So we decided to eat there, and only there. Get our fill, before we left.

We encountered a very beautiful mall (City Creek mall I think) and it was pretty awesome. Every store you could think of (except Rue21, where I get my jeans.. boo hiss). So nice. A creek running through it with fish, little bridges over it, and trees lit up in little white lights. Beautiful rocks/stone walls.

We had dinner and went back to our motel that had a small TV and NO cable. They had 5 channels that were all fuzzy. Good grief. Anyway — so the next day: the big Interview!! I dropped Laurel off around 10 and she went in at 10:45. She was done by 4 when I had already left to get her. She said it went pretty well and the program seemed exciting. I am hopeful for this!! I drove around campus, it is confusing but we’ll get the hang of it. I went to the grocery store and picked up a city guide. I read about the city a little. I took some selfies and put them on Facebook. I did a few other things while she was gone, too. Such as taking this picture of a Halloween haunted house:


The next day we had to leave at midnight. We went to the Hogle zoo at first and were amazed that on a Saturday there were hardly ANY people there!! It was nice. Cold & windy but nice. I got to see my Polar Bear which is my favorite animal. We saw so many other cool animals and they had a ton of turtles, which we also love. We then were hungry, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory (as well as the previous night for dinner) and then to the Planetarium which was pretty cool. We didn’t see a show (we were tired and knew we’d fall asleep) but next time we’re there we will. We walked around the mall by the Planetarium and it was also very nice.

Later on we drove the rental car back to the airport and took the Trax (light rail) to the Arena are (where the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team plays) and then headed to the Greyhound station.

We sat for 2 hours before boarding, and then had a 14 hour bus ride through Idaho (what a boring looking state, for the most part!!). Finally home. We missed our kitties so much. And got some good sleep. It’ll be hard to integrate out of vacation mode and into life as we know it. But we made an important decision:

If she doesn’t get accepted (which she will) we will move there anyway. We LOVEd it. The transportation system was amazing, the area is so clean, there’s a huge lack of homelessness and cigarette smoking (the #1 state for the most people who do not smoke!). The city was fun to drive around in, the people (6 out of 10 are mormon) are very friendly and nice, and we just had an amazing time. It is surrounded by mountains. We’re almost IN the mountains. The ski areas are 45 minutes away.

Salt Lake City Skyline, Utah

I thought we’d be inundated by mormon this, mormon that. But it was not really IN YOUR FACE very much. It was subtle, and it actually seems that it makes the people friendlier. I’m down with that. its not a very liberal or democratic state but that’s ok, I will be the lone wolf. I am here in Spokane, too, so might as well. I did however, see a “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker (I have a decal much the same on my car) which made me smile.

We had a great time and decided in May we will be there. I might possibly get a lab job through my current employer as they have a joint-venture with a lab company down there too. We’ll see. There are areas with decent rent, not too far off from what we have now that are reasonable. We just need our cats, and a washer & dryer would be lovely.

I discovered that the Utes (University of Utah’s teams) are awesome and the stadium is cool. I want to go to all the football games, and see their world-class gymnastics, and their basketball. I’ll go to the Utah Jazz games. I’ll be a Seahawks and Broncos fan. Seahawks were apparently popular there, they had sold out of all their Hawks beanies in one store we went to. But they did have Sherman and Wilson jersies. Too large for me, though. I did get some shirts at American Eagle, and a Utes hat & t-shirt at Walmart.

Great city. Can’t wait to be there.


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