AIMP 3 (And the Media Player Dilemma)

So. I have used Winamp since the year 1999 (I think) to listen to mp3’s that I’d downloaded from such sites as audiosatellite and limewire. Remember those? Over the years Winamp has developed into a more robust media player. It can play videos of all sorts, music files of all types, rip music, even sync your iPod (I had trouble with that part though). The best part, is that through those years, they developed awesome skins. I hope you all know what a skin is. Its a ‘theme’ for your player, to make it look different than the default.

I got a little skin-crazy and downloaded recently, about 25 different ones. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, or what color scheme I wanted. Too many choices. I found foobar2000, another audio music player that had some amazing skins that were customizable. Here is what I needed! I downloaded it and found the default player to be extremely boring, so I downloaded a skin called Spotifoo, which made it look awesome.



It had everything I had ever wanted in a player. It was robust and amazing to look at. What was I thinking when I got bored again and decided to switch skins? Somehow it wasn’t as easy this time around. You have to download and un-rar the files. Then  insert this file into this folder, that file into that folder, create this folder and put this in there and that in that, etc.. so confusing. Each skin gave different directions. I messed it up. Uninstall. Re-install. Uninstall again. Finally, frustrated, I went back to Winamp.

Now.. the problem here is that Winamp is great, but when it comes to looking at it, all the cPro skins just didn’t have enough room for customization that I would have liked. They were all pretty much the same layout with a few cosmetic differences. I wanted something really awesome to look at, and something more robust and amazing. Enter AIMP3:


Not only are all the skins totally different with some crazy options (mine that I currently use is in the above picture)… they also claim to have the best audio, and DSP built in. And its true, my music sounds amazing in this player!! I think I am finally happy.

Oh and one more thing. On another note… I love music. I love it. I would listen all the time if I could. BUT: I am not one of those stupid nerdy or pretentious FLAC people. I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if it is “lossless”. The human damn ear can’t tell the difference, did you know? My mate is an aspiring audiologist, and its true. This FLAC trend is absolute nonsense. Some people say they can hear the difference. These people are saying they can hear frequencies that dogs can hear. Give me a break, people.

Ok, stepping off the soap box.

The End.


3 thoughts on “AIMP 3 (And the Media Player Dilemma)

  1. Oh yes i still love winamp..and its installed, and could not believe that no other company would buy/save it… But at the same time i understood how the technology was changing..but still?! My style of listening also has changed. I used to have all my music in my hard drive and listen via winamp..and then (trying to remember when exactly it changed) around 2010 – i started to favour listening via streaming.. starting at Psyradio or – then i would get bored, cuz i swear they repeat/reloop the show..i suppose, i was there long enough to hear the repeats several times..haha! And then i tried in Soundcloud, but i really get annoyed cuz most there are samples 2mins to full tracks up to 10mins.. and you really have to search for mixes (1hr plus) – and thats when i found Mixcloud.

    I also stopped listening from files in my hard drive cuz i have lost before when hard drive failure, and also i got bored with the music i had, and having to choose which to listen to / or just would put on random / which then would mean i loose touch with what was new and popular in the psytrance arena..and i do digital art / photography – so those files were taking more importance.

    But the other day..the internet was down…. so i turned on winamp..and listen to some old mixes 🙂

    • I am constantly downloading new music all the time (I have a terrible backlog of things I need to listen to) and it needed a nice new player. Winamp is awesome, however it is a little memory heavy, AIMP is pretty light and seems to do everything that Winamp does, except play video. Other than that, its pretty nice. I love the skins too. I am a nerd when it comes to GUI and theme stuff. I’m constantly changing the looks of things… haha. I like to stream things too, like DI and however it doesn’t scrobble and I wish it did. Spotify on the phone does, so thats cool.

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