I live in Utah now.

I just keep repeating that sentence to myself. I live in Utah now. I live in Utah now. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK I live in Utah now?! It is starting to set in.

My mate, after moving and unpacking for a few days, flew back to WA to clean the old apartment up there, and to house sit for the Doctor one last time (or not, depending if she can fly her up to do it again sometime). I am alone, in a new city. I have a job I am starting to get ahold of. It is pretty complicated, but I am working on it.

My mate originally was going to work with me, too, and was legit hired by my company. Then was told a few weeks later sorry, we found someone else for the spot. What the hell? What company just re-nigs on their offer? So not cool. So that made me upset. My mate upset, too.

The TV of course stopped working. I am purchasing a new one from craigslist, and I have a brand new universal remote coming thursday, so that should be pretty cool.

Anyway back to the issue at hand: Utah.

Salt Lake City (where I now live… whoa!) is #7 smoggiest city in the country. You can tell, too. Its a big hazy out there. So not great air quality. We have some things in our apartment that need addressed, but the manager doesn’t really ever get back to you about anything, and when he does, its about at least 2 days later. And he doesn’t live on-site so its hard to reach him.

The drivers are so crazy here! they picked up every bad habit from all the states where they drive like idiots. The peed limits are so high though, its no wonder they speed. I mean 70mph through the city?? 65 in the suburbs? Wow! Who was on crack making these limits? My car naturally wants to do 60 through the city, because thats what feels safer, but people will either smash into you or honk if you go that slow. Its insane here, really.

Our apartment is pretty cool. Its bigger than the last place in WA. Its got a laundry room with washer & dryer hookups. Big kitchen with lots of storage… lots of storage everywhere, in fact. Its nice. Less cramped feeling now!

I have only been here a week so I still have the “I miss Washington” jitters, but after a while I am sure I will settle in nicely. And I am proud of myself. Tonight on the way home (I work 7pm – 1am) I took the wrong exit but automatically knew how to get home. And it worked. I’m catching on!


Rent is more expensive here though so I have to be more careful with money. Only eat food at home. Don’t spend money unless it is on practical things that we need, etc. I am using light only when I need it, and using about 3-4 minute showers (we have electricity for everything except hot water — that is gas for some reason).

Anyway, thats about it for now. I’ll update as time goes on and we adjust more to the place. So far I like it. I miss the clouds though!


Oh, and its weird… I’ve encountered 3 or 4 people just in 1 week who used to live in WA. How odd!


Salt Lake City Skyline, Utah


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