I Live In Utah! Part 2

So I have been living here in Salt Lake City for about a month now. Even have my drivers license coming in a few weeks. I like keeping my WA plates on my car, though. I hope to keep them at least another month or two. So yes people still drive like maniacs here but I am getting used to it. I don’t drive that way — I still drive in a respectful and lawful manner, but at least I know what to expect from everyone else.

Work has been kind of stressful for me. I felt discouraged a few times which has made me really really anxious. I don’t want the pressure to make me crumble.  So I am doing various relaxing techniques to help me feel better. Its not an easy job and I do not feel that I am learning at the rate they hoped I would be.

We have gone to the capitol building on a nice walk, and climbed up high to see the whole city and mountains. We discovered that Sundays are the best day to bicycle downtown because everything is closed (!!! what the heck?) so there’s not much traffic.

Yesterday (Memorial day) we were off from work an had an amazing walk in the morning. We went downtown pretty far (4 miles round trip) and had coffee at our favorite coffee shop (so far) that we found one day whilst driving around. It was a very nice walk and the weather was nice.

I hereby declare that my past request for clouds become null and void, and that I would like blue sky and a medium temperature, such as 60 – 70 F. That would be perfect. I’d like it for walks and for my birthday, as well, which is coming up a little over a month from now. We plan on going to Antelope Island, this cool island park on the Great Salt Lake.

So far we like it here, there is lots to discover and a lot to see. We want to see the Sounders play RSL, we want to go to Jazz games and maybe a symphony… there’s lots to do. Brandi Carlile comes to play soon as well. We’ll be there!


So I predict fun times ahead. So, Mr. Weather, bring me some clear blue sky. Thanks!




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