Things and Stuff

I hate not writing in here. Seems like a waste, or like I am neglecting something.I feel the need to write, even if I can’t think of a damn thing to say.

Well I will try here. Been going for walks and runs in the morning at this cool park that has trails following a river. I’ve been burning a lot of calories and logging my food and stuff at the fitbit website. I weighed myself and lost even more. I am getting there! Gotta keep on pushin’.

Work is interesting. As an accessioner in a lab working with specimens, it can be quite challenging. I think I am catching on, bit by bit, but it is not an easy job, I’ll put it that way. I have to come in earlier now in order to remail a full-time employee because I work until “close” which could be midnight, or 2am. So I am going to ask if I have to come in early, can I stay until 12:30 firmly, and if there are no closing duties that I know how to do, just shadow someone for a while. I need those hours to keep my vacation time, etc.

We finally got a desk so we organized everything, yay! Typing from it right now in fact.

Man, I wish there was more to say. What can I say? I got an invite for Windows 10 so I will download it for free when it comes out — that should be cool… Hmm what else is going on .. jeez, nothing I guess. Time to go.

We finally got a de


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