Top 10 in 2015

Wow is it that time again, already? Here is the top 10 of 2015. But instead of just Psychill and Psytrance recordings, I also provide the best IDM/Ambient/Other as well as the best Various Artists. A lot of time and work went into this one. I listened to many, many albums this past year in the genres of psytrance, goa psytrance, psychill, idm, ambient, and I’d like to think of this as an accurate portrayal of the amoutn of energy (at least 2-3 hours of music listening to new albums a day) of getting the opinions formed. As a result,  didn’t get to have a taste of nearly all of the albums I would like to have had. So instead of providing long winded reviews for each one, I’m going to include a Youtube sample and it can be up to you to decide on why you think it deserves to be the best. I can gaurantee you, that you will not be unimpressed with this undertaking.

Last year it was hard to find many winners, I am not sure why. Maybe everyone kept their treasures safe until it was 2015. Either way, there are a lot of gems here so pay attention! (Please notice that as far as psytrance goes, the first few winners are all Goa. This was a great year for Goa!)

Here is me, and this is me listening to good music: meeeeee

TOP 10 Psytrance 2015:

10. Goch – Terrapin:

9. Ocean Star Empire – Dots on Maps:

8. Digicult – Soul Samadhi: Soul Samadhi

7. Airi – Labrotec:

6. Ascent and Nature – Hypnotico:

5. Ovnimoon – Holistic:

4.Jaraluca – Perpetuum Mobile:

3. Proxeeus- At The Mountains of Madness:

2. Lectro Spektral Daze – Voyage In Your Mind:

  1. Night Hex – Viziuni Nocturne:


Congrats to Night Hex, otherwise known as E-Mantra. This album is mystical, with deep trance and acid tones, very rich with hypnotic smooth flow. very nice. I recommend a listen.


10. Flowertz – Kumbhaka:

9. Man Of No Ego – Web of Life:

8. Astral Waves – Magnetique: Astral Waves – Magnetique

7. Makyo – Mystic Fire:

6. Unusual Cosmic Process – Utopia:

5. E-Mantra – Raining Lights:

4. Sundial Aeon – Symbiosis:

3. Chronos – Technologica (with a nod to the remix album Animo);

2. Stimulus Timbre – F.I.S.A.R.:

  1. Unusual Cosmic Process – Spacetrip:

Congratulations to Unusual Cosmic Process, who put a really solid release out. through their work and dedication, we can see they put all the right pieces in all the right places for this to happen.


Now, here is where i didn’t get a great chance at listening to the Various Artists compilations as much as I’d like to have. here are 7 gems that really spoke to me, though, and I think you’d enjoy them, too.

  1. Primal Drive 1 – zenonesque progressive :
  2. Primal Drive 3 – dark progressive :
  3. Chilling Dragon tales – psychill:
  1. The World Beyond:
  2. Goa Spacetime:
  3. The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds:
  4. The Mystery of Crystal Worlds Prologue :
  5. * – for some reason these last 4 wouldn’t change numbers and I couldn’t get them to. There are 7 here.

Congrats to all of these fine peices of music, where they all had their shining moments.


  1. The Digital Connection – Chasing the Midnight sky:
  2. Steve Roach – Sigh of Ages:
  3. Celldweller – Transmissions Vol 1:
  4. Ishq – Winter Light:
  5. Martin Nonstatic – Granite:
  6. Steve Roach – Alive in the Vortex:

Great job goes to the Digitial Connection. They put out a stellar album that made the top notch in this list.


What I am hoping you will come away with all of these each very diverse musical compilations, albums, and video examples, I hope you enjoy what you are hearing. You can then find these artists by bandcamp,, and of course, to dowload free albums and purchase for a small fee, the albums you enjoyed the most.


Good music listening to you all this 2016 season, and I wish you all the best.











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