My Mom

Right now, my mom’s name is Jan. She is a loving mother and a good wife to my step-father. Her sense of humor is very sarcastic and fun. She is fun to talk to for hours and hours, about anything.

She and I share a lot of the same beliefs in things like spirituality, metaphysics, and the paranormal.

She and I are very close.

Soon I will be using these things in the past tense, as any time between now and tomorrow she will be gone.

I cry because I will miss her. That is the human side. I am happy for her that she’s going home… her real true home, and jealous, as it is full of love and light and peace. So I don’t feel bad for her, just her suffering.


Today I had my sister hold the phone up to my mom’s ear. She is non-responsive, doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep. It is almost time now. But I told my mom how much I loved her, and that I’d see her again soon, and to go to her happy place once she moves on with her journey into the life after lives. I told her how much we all loved her, and how she was loved. It felt good to be able to say goodbye. Originally she was going to die with dignity via doctors, but this is happening quicker than that could allow.


Mom, I love you and I will never forget you. I will see you again, and you can show me the beautiful quiet forest that you always dreamed about.


Be well, with love and light.



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