The Deed is Done

Well. I messed up royally. I messed up so bad I left my mate hurting horribly. Confused and broken, her heart hurts because of me. I am only to blame in this situation. I was confused and befuddled at the time that this all went down, but I can see clearly now.

Clearly I was being used by someone. Someone I thought was my friend. And that caused me to hurt my mate, which caused me to now be living week to week in an extended stay studio apartment.

I am trying to spend time with her… little by little, slowly, so she can regain her trust in me. All I want is to make things right, and be with her again. And I can’t do that sitting down… I’ve got to stand up for once, and be independent, responsible, and trustworthy. I need to be an honest person living an honest life.

So that is what I will do.


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