The Intruder

So wednesday Sept 28, I was getting ready for bed, with the lights on in the bedroom, when I heard something at the window. There was a thumb, then a knocking sound, and then tapping. I flew out of bed and grabbed my phone. I went outside to the back fire alley where our bedroom window is at shin-level, and shined a flashlight. I figured I’d need to do that before calling 911 otherwise wouldn’t that be embarassing if it was something else?

I saw a silhouette of a man with a red shining thing that was either a small penlight or the red tip of a smoking cigarrette. I dialed 911 and within minutes there were 6 cops, and a K9 unit at the apartment. They did a thorough search and found nothing, except advised there was a hole in the fence. They did a sweep through my apartment to make sure no one had gotten in.

Again on Saturday night my mate and I were watching a movie in the living room, when she thought she heard the cat doing something. I got up and she asked what it was. “oh, nothing except someone trying to get in through the window…” she jumped into action with her camera and I got my baseball bat. She knocked hard on the window, and whomever it was knocked right back. We knocked on the neighbor’s door as well, and he went out there with a bat and a flashlight. No one was there, they must have left.

At that time, all we’d had was a dowell in the window. Now we have the dowell, a window lock, and a security bar wedged in there.  So we feel a little safer. Plus now there are randomly timed police patrols out there.

Our neighbor fixed the fence hole. Then we discovered a bench propped up against the fence behind us, and we toked and prodded and pushed and it crumpled into a dilapidated crush on the ground. For someone to try and use it again would be really stupid.

Still feel violated and anticipatory of when it could possibly happen again…

So I am trying to calm myself the best I can.


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