Top 10 Chill Albums of 2017





Yes, here it is again. I was afraid I would not get to it — my phone died along with 126 albums on the SD card. Have no fear, I was able to recollect many of those, and from them I curated the ten best (In my opinion). I hope you like them too, and I hope you provide feedback or comments! Would love to hear from you.


10. Fourth Dimension – The Perfect Form (ambient): This album, though ambient, is a hard hitter, with beautiful synths and layers criss crossing through the synapses of your brain like it is on fire. Beautiful music here – listen alone, with headphones, in a quiet space. Brilliant.


9. Slackbaba – Reflections (chillstep/experimental chill)

This album challenges the boundaries of traditional psychill with adding some flavor of chillstep and some bass to back it up. Not as gritty as the previous album “Ask” but definitely has some uber intense vibrations here.


8. Ecometric – Deconstruction (chillstep) : This album has the chill flavor and the dubstep vibe that equals chillstep. Brilliant beats and synths,this one had me dancing around the living room like a dork.

No Youtube Clip available for this album, sadly enough

7. Eat Static- Last Ship To Paradise (psychill): These guys have been going at it for many years. They are veterans of the electronic psychedelic world. Their 2017 effort does not dissapoint. Hitting those beats and squirming them around with psychedelic sauce makes for a great album.


6. Ascendant – Particle Horizon (ambient): If you are looking for a pulsating rhythmic album that is both stark and beautiful at the same time, then you are looking for this ambient masterpiece by Ascendant. Droning forests, psychedelic pads, it all reminds me of the Aurora Borealis. I have yet to see it, but when I do, this is the album that will be playing.


5. Cosmic Replicant – Echo Light (psychill): If you have been a fan of this artist for years like I have then you will know this is slightly different material than we are all used to. It has more depth and character, more ambient than psychedelic, but the drums do come in when needed. This makes for a brilliant show of decadent light. Maybe Echo Light, even.


4. Rising Galaxy – Action Rection(psychill): This album starts off with shining pads and some innovative techno-like sounds, compelling and provacative all at once. Then the synths come in and you are hooked. There is that psychedelic twist you admire. It is here and it is not going away.


3. Chronos- Inner Darkness (psychill): Chronos has entered the top 10 again, this time featuring a darker psychedelic chill album that feasts upon the edginess that you secretly love in electronic music. Starting off slow and misty, it builds into something almost tribal, that I can picture myself dancing to around a bonfire under the starlit sky wearing nothing but a loincloth. And a bra. I couldnt dance without at least one bra on… anyway… have a listen:


2. Ekaologik – Light Seeds (Chillgressive): I found this album whilst searching for a “best psybient of 2017” playlist on spotify and loved it. Slowly dancable beats are a backdrop to beautiful scenes of sunsets and ocean scapes. The intricate plot twists within the songs leave you wondering if you are reading a beautiful book or listening to beautiful music. You will have to see for yourself:


1. Narcose – Panda Eyes (chillstep): Wow! This one came out early in 2017 and I remember running a mile to the store for something and listening to this album in my buds. It was perfect for the energy, but is also perfect for chilling and relaxing. The effort comes off a bit mischievious and sly, but it builds into a beautiful maze of dub-like  beat and psychedelic chill that makes you want more. Hopefully this artist continues to make music in the same vein. Very masterful.

Full album:


2017 was a difficult one for me. I had problems with my phone deleting all my music when putting the SD into a new phone. My computer died in 2016 and I havent had money to replace it so it has been all tablet and all phone. So it was difficut compiling this list, but I listened to as much psychill as I possibly could so that I could make a good list for you. I hope you enjoy the music, and as always please support the artists!!

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