2018 Resolutions

Ugh cliche,  I know – resolutions. But it really is a positive way to remind yourself of things you would like to accomplish. SO here goes, there are 5:


5. Lose 20 lbs

4. Read as many books as is humanly possibly

3. do my mood chart daily

2. Do a great job at work

  1. Stay stable, mentally.


There you have it. Goals.



The Best Moments of 2017

Let us reflect a bit upon 2017. I call it a year of endings. My mate ended two jobs, we ended living in Utah, I ended my job, thus. New beginnings.

Being bipolar, and having had a 6 year roller coaster ride, it was time to slow things down and get real. I switched to Lithium from Lamictal and boy what a difference that has made. I’ve had a few episodes but they were mild and easily controlled with a tweak of medicine.

Now I live in Arizona, near Phoenix, and love every minute of it. It is a fun place for me and my mate to explore and discover new things. I have a job as a contractor for a company that processes traffc violations and other types of tickets. I really like it and it is close to home.

Without further adu here is the list I made of the best moments of 2017 in no particular order:


10. Practicing choking-helping techniques (hilarious)

9. Best friend chicken sandwhich – Provisions in Salt Lake City

8. Friends with a cute spunky blonde, Crissy, for a while.

7. Art fest – both. Tempe AZ and Salt Lake City, UT. Lots of fun!

6. Seeing Kathleen Madigan in Wendover, NV – hilarious woman!

5.Reading a total of 9 books – the most since I can not remember when

4. Changing to Lithium – immediately felt better

3. Going to NV to get Laurel’s car – went to Viginia City and of course a Nevada casino buffet (with cotton candy)

2. Moving to Arizona. Palm trees, cacti, wild parrots, and citrus fruit trees abound!

  1. Sundance film festival at Park City, UT. Women’s March down the streets lead by Chelsea Handler and Charlize Theron! (We did not see them) and my boyfriend, Josh Jackson, was apparently there, too, and no I did not get to see him either. One day, Josh, one day!

So all in all it was a pretty OK year. Was not too big a fan of the apartment we had – it was kind of a crazy layout and we had to get extra storage items like a pantry. I hated not having a car during the dead of winter and walking to work in the snow. BRRR and ick. I am glad it doesn’t snow here.

2017 was good because no one I knew died or had any major issues. In fact, my great neice Callie Mae (Mae was my mother’s middle name) was born in April (same month my mother had been born in). My mom is smiling down on the adorable little Callie Mae. My sister is beside herself with joy and love for the little critter. She is pretty dang cute.

I still did not get a computer (typing this on my fire tablet as we speak) but my phone died and I got a new and better one that I am enjoying.

We got an air fryer for Christmas from my mate’s parents. I am so excited to make friend chicken. YUM. That was probably my favorite present. I can not wait to use it. Have not had an oppprtunity yet… maybe tomorrow on New Years day.

Survived a year of President Donald Dump somehow. He has not yet nuked another country so we are good there…

Went hiking a bit in Utah, very crowded but pretty nonetheless.

I got a PR (personal record) in running and then 3 weeks later another one! 9 minutes and 31 second mile run. I have lost a lot of weight and inches (and Christmas saw me gain a bit back of course… haha. I will get it off again).

That is about it for 2017. Welcome to Arizona!!!


New Years Resolutions

Ugh I hate this part. I have so many things I need to work on. And I hate doing resolutions, no one ever sticks to them. Let’s see if I can!

  1. I want to be a more positive thinking person
  2. I want to be a less irritable person
  3. I want to lose at least 20 lbs
  4. I want to be a more honest person
  5. I want to be a more caring and loving person

There I think that covers about all of the “sub-genres” of things I’d like to work on. Now here are 3 ways for each thing that will help me accomplish them.

To be more positive I will:

  • Continue positive meditation practices
  • Have gratitude for all the wonderful things that I have, or have experienced
  • Turn around negative thoughts and think good things in comparison to them

To be a less irritable person I will:

  • Use empathy
  • Let arguments go by thinking “is it really that important?”
  • Think to myself “does this effect me?” and if not, let it go

To lose 20 lbs I will:

  • Continue to work my muscles daily
  • Continue to run (outside or inside)
  • Eat smaller portions of food

To be a more honest person I will:

  • Weigh the consequences of being truthful vs. non-truthful
  • Reward myself for being truthful
  • Keep an open mind on ways to accomplish the same end but by honest means

To be a more caring and loving person I will:

  • Be empathetic toward others, put myself in their shoes and walk a mile
  • Put others first before myself
  • Be grateful to others for what they give to me

I think I can accomplish those things. 🙂

Feeling Better.

In my last entry, I was feeling a little down. My energy was low. I feel better now. I’ve been running everyday, and nearly every one of those days involves being in the sunlight. Sunlight has been known to help bipolar depression, as well as exercise. I have been a little less irritable, and a little more relaxed.

I still have anxiety problems but I found I can manage them easier. I also created a “habit chain” where I do certain tasks for 21 days and then I should naturally feel the inclination to do them. One of them is meditation. I find it so difficult to concentrate, or to sit still. But I am determined to do it no matter what.

I just hope I start losing weight. I’m a little overweight and it doesn’t seem to be coming off quickly. I need to adjust my eating habits, I am pretty sure. It is harder than I thought.

Wish me luck.




Running My Shoes Off

So my wonderful blue and yellow Under Armour shoes that I purchased last May finally died. I probably put about 5,000 miles on them. They were very lightweight and comfortable. And never hurt my foot even once. And now they do. That is how I could tell they were on their way out. Now I can only wear them as casual shoes.

So, with that being said, I purchased a new pair of Under Armour running/walking shoes. They are grey camo and silver with orange treads on the bottom. With good traction (the last pair had 0 traction so I slipped a lot in the rain). I had heal pain from the old shoes the last time I used them (walked 7 miles around downtown) and these new ones don’t give me any pain. I only feel the heel pain when I take them off and walk around the house in socks.

This summer I plan to run and walk my little shoes off. Not literally, but I signed up for several running and fitness apps that sync with my Fitbit (and soon, my Garmin, if my mate gets a TomTom). My mate signed up, as well as her mother, so we’re all in competition to see who ends up being the healthiest overall come August 1. Meaning, who has the most steps, lost the most weight, walked the most miles, anything.

I’ve made a new habit of walking up steep hills by my residence. I live at the bottom of the hill that the capitol is on, (aptly named Capitol Hill) and I remember last year nearly passing out while climbing up the hills to get to it). Cardiovascular health has become important to me since I became a slug for a while.

So wish me luck. Wish all 3 of us luck! I really hope to lose 28 lbs by Aug 1, and not get winded after running a quarter of a mile. I’d like to be healthy when it comes to fitness. That is the ultimate goal.new-shoes